All online marketers need more traffic to their websites and offers. Whether you promote tee shirts, affiliate offers, Amazon or Ali Baba products or have a local business of your own that needs customers, traffic to your website is the place to start.

If you consistently offer good targeted content on your site, giving your visitors what they are interested in, they will keep coming back.

You have have a lot of technical information about your products and services that are interesting to people ready to buy, but before you propose a transaction, most people want to get to know you better first.

That can include lighter content. For example, our financial advisor like to share lighter content, often seasonal, that the general population finds interesting. He wants people to think of him, not just as competent, but also, warm and friendly.

On your sites, it may pay you to have a section devoted to this kind light content that people find interesting, content such as:
• Trending topics / current events
• Jokes,
• Memes, or
• Quotes and inspirational content

For example, if you’re running a site related to dogs, sharing a video clip from a news program about a dog rescue will show you are “human”, not just a corporation interested only in money.

Sharing of interesting content is the main part of the business model of IM NewsWatch and it serves us well.

But you probably don’t have the workers and resources we invest each day to bring you our news.

You don’t have the time browse the top sites in your niche every day, finding interesting articles to share.

You want to find and share the most shared/liked content, and you need to do it efficiently, so you keep as much time as possible for the rest of your business.

Yes, this curation can be a lot of work. Unfortunately, you need to scan a dozen articles to find one gem worth sharing. We know that from experience. We have the resources to do it manually. You probably don’t.

Justin Anderson has been working on automating this curation process. Late last year, he launched a product that helped. Now, he has improved on the process, and he has just released an significant innovative curation tool, Trending Traffic.

This tool pulls in current events, and includes social signals. This way, his service help you keep up with trending topics and, at the same time!, builds a viral component into your site.

Not only does Trending Traffic scour the top news sites every day, but it also places the results of its scan at your fingertips so you can select and post the best on your blog, either on autopilot or, if you prefer, manually curated from its preliminary results.

By posting content like this, you gather visitors both from search traffic and through viral social sharing. Your traffic escalates both ways.

And to make the process even easier, you don’t need to download any software or plugins so you don’t have to worry about compatibility problems. He manages the searches on his server. You simply add your blog to his service and he takes it from there.

If you’re ready to find good content without spending all day to do it, this may be the solution for you. Go give it a shot while his launch special pricing is underway.

To make it even more valuable, with Anderson’s help, we have arranged 5 bonuses that will make your curation efforts even more productive. See our bonuses here: IM NewsWatch Bonuses for trending traffic

If you need help creating useful, viral content for your site, check out this new software here: Trending Traffic

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