Mark Thompson and Matt Callen are holding a training webinar this morning to show you how to use content marketing in your business. At the end, they will also show you their software that automates your content marketing.

They say this software is the easiest way to create autopilot processes to handle your content marketing. They call their system PublishVault.

Keith Gosnell will be with them on this webinar. He is the creator of of PublishVault.

They are calling this training session “How to Drive More Qualified Buyer Traffic, Leads, and Customers to all of Your Sites to Help Make Your Life 10x Easier and 10x more profitable.”

During this training session, they will show you:
• How to overcome the top 5 common content marketing roadblocks
• How to generate 1000s of high-traffic Ideas for your content
• How to create a simple automated system for high-quality content creation 100% of the time
• How to plan your content calendar for maximum exposure and improved productivity
• How to leverage their new platform that helps to centrally manage the content for all of your websites

They are leading up to the launch of their software to achieve these goals easily, PublishVault.

Register for this webinar, and attend at 10:00 EDT, then make your own decision aabout what is best for your business. Maybe their software will help you; you will never know untl you hear all about it.

Go here to register: Thompson/Callen Training Webinar.

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