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Friday, August 19, 2022

IdeaPlan: crowdsource, prioritize & launch products #ad

To introduce the new IdeaPlan, Mark Thompson, a 15-year Entrepreneur, who has built several 7-figure online businesses and been featured on Forbes, TheNextWeb and Foundr is holding live training at 10:00 EDT. The training is titled: “4-Step System to Nail Your Product-Led Growth Strategy and Build Better Customer-Centric Products.” Registration is now open: IdeaPlan Training. What you’ll learn in this masterclass: • Why 80% of startups fail (and the critical mistake that 97% of founders overlook) • A bulletproof system for collecting, prioritizing, and implementing ideas/feedback... [...]

Provely 2.0 [Case Study] 250% conversion increase #ad

Provely 2.0 [Case Study] 250% conversion increase #ad Matt Thompson and his team have been working on the latest version of Provely and have just released it. Through Friday, there is a “grand opening” sale, pricing it at a nice discount. They have tested Provely 2.0, and in their test (a.k.a., Case Study) they found that the offer they were promoting offer started converting 250% better once they let this new plugin do its work, even though ❌ The sales copy wasn’t changed ❌ The offer wasn’t adjusted ❌ The page design wasn’t overhauled All they... [...]

Is PayKickstart better than JVZoo, PayDotCom & WarriorPlus? #ad

Mark Thompson‘s team has been working on Pay KickStart for over a year. In fact, it has been “launched” for his own products over a year ago. That means, it has been in use by Thompson and his close associates for launching their own product, managing affiliates and collecting payments over and over in the last year. He has used it so much that he has worked out the kinks. In their design, Thompson and his team have learned from the expsting payment processors and worked hard to avoid the mistakes made in the past by competing payment gateway products This launch is not an ordinary... [...]

EasyVSL 3.0: How to create video sales letters #ad

Did you know that a whopping 92% of the top 50 products are using Video Sales Letters to sell their products? These top sellers are using video sales letters to take in thousands daily in niches such as: • Weight Loss • Personal Development • Internet Marketing • Financial/Investment • Offline/Local • Home & Garden. In virtually any industry, the products that are consistently delivering the highest online sales have one thing in common: they are all using Video Sales Letters. Watch this free presentation by Mark Thompson in which he explains how... [...]

SalesEnvy manages your client interactions to save time, frustration #ad

Skype lets you make unlimited phone calls in the US and Canada for a tiny monthly or annual fee. This can be the key to your prospecting for clients in your consulting business. Call as many people as you want for about $3 per month. If you don’t prefer Skype, Vonage and other alternatives are also available. They cost a little more, but are still cheap, compared with typical phone plans. They are all inexpensive, true, but it’s a manual process to contact prospective clients, and requires a lot of manual work to keep track of the ones already called, what their response is, and what... [...]

They say it’s the easiest video sales letter software ever #ad

That’s what Mark Thompson and Matt Callen say about their brand new EasyVSL 2.0. And they may be right. With this new software, you get a lot of flexibility in creating your sales letters. With this new software, you can create an engaging high-converting slide-based video sales letter in less time than you could imagine is possible. Once you have your sales message broken down into slides, all you have to do is: Step 1: Paste your Video Script and Specify Where to Change Slides. Step 2: Customize Your Design/Appearance Step 3: Add your Audio and Sync it with your Slides Step 4: Export... [...]

Social Kickstart automates and amplifies your social media #ad

Mark Thompson is known for his excellent software tools that help online marketers build their businesses. His latest tool, Social Kickstart, is no exception. Social Kickstart finds the most engaging content on the web, content that people are discussing online and sharing with their friends. Once it finds this content, it automates curating a post about that content on Facebook (and other social sites) that will bring you traffic. Social Kickstart allows you to research, post (or schedule a post for some later time) your curated content and monetize your Fan Pages with just a few clicks. Thompson... [...]

Rebrand these 4 apps and sell them as your own #ad

At 11:00 EDT, Mark Thompson and Matt Callen announce Rebrand Apps. You probably are aware of Thompson and Callen. In the last few years, they have produced many software products, such as EasyVSL, Webinar Ignition, PressPlay, Heat Map Tracker and many others. Now they are releasing a bundle of 4 new software producs, with white label rights, called Rebrand Apps. Because they are including white label rights, you can sell these four apps as your own. Brand them with your brand and they are yours forever, to sell as many copies as you like and keep all the profits. With each of these apps, you... [...]

Publish to unlimited WordPress Sites (one-time special) #ad

As we reported, PublishVault opened for new users yesterday. No matter what type of blog site you publish to, this application will benefit your site or sites (they are offering unlimited support for WordPress sites). With PublishVault, you can publish content to all of your WordPress sites from one dashboard. You don’t need to login and out of multiple sites just to make a simple change to a blog post. With PublishVault, you are getting an all-in-one platform to publish content, meta information and schedule content drip campaigns. On top of that, you have access to professional content... [...]

Reminder: Mark Thompson and Matt Callen 10:00 EDT Webinar #ad

Mark Thompson and Matt Callen are holding a training webinar this morning to show you how to use content marketing in your business. At the end, they will also show you their software that automates your content marketing. They say this software is the easiest way to create autopilot processes to handle your content marketing. They call their system PublishVault. Keith Gosnell will be with them on this webinar. He is the creator of of PublishVault. They are calling this training session “How to Drive More Qualified Buyer Traffic, Leads, and Customers to all of Your Sites to Help Make Your... [...]