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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Archive for the 'Content Curation' Category

‘Two Things To Consider Before You Invest In A Social Content Curation Platform’ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

Kim Celestre says, “Chances are, you’ve recently visited a brand’s webpage and stumbled upon a visually appealing, Pinterest-like media gallery with photos of happy customers and the brand’s products. Today, media galleries are all the rage as marketers attempt to capture the priceless content their audiences are generating on social networks and at live events. But before you run out and invest what’s left of your 2014 marketing budget on a social content curation platform (see Figure 2 from this report) make sure social content curation will help you:Drive... [...]

‘Most B2B Marketers Struggle To Create Engaging Content’ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

Laura Ramos says, “When it comes to content marketing, the majority of B2B marketers we surveyed last month are not as mature as they think.Roughly half of respondents (52%) are in the early stages of assembling a content strategy and executing against it. We call this early majority “Aspiring Editors” and, while their practices are often inconsistent or not fully embraced across the organization, these marketers are busy laying the foundation upon which to build an editorial point of view that gives their buyers something useful and valuable to read, watch, or interact... [...]

‘Why You Should Curate Content’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

The latest post on ‘Copyblogger’ Blog is titled “Why You Should Curate Content (And How to Do It Right)”.Jerod Morris says, “Why are we doing a four-part podcast series about content curation?Because it’s a concept that is easy to understand, but not always easy to execute. It requires commitment, strategic thinking, and that most precious of resources: time.But when you do it right, and do it right consistently, content curation can be a foundational building block of your authority.And if you follow Copyblogger, you know how important developing and maintaining authority is”.Why... [...]

Video Jeet coming soon; a free Jeet available during pre-release #ad

Todd Gross contacted IM NewsWatch yesterday to let us know that Cyril Gupta, famous for many “Jeet” products for online marketers has just finished a new one, Video Jeet.This upcoming Windows software is unusual; it works both for both Blogger blogs and for WordPress blogs.They are making it available on Thursday, at 11 AM EDT. In order to build the excitement, and show you the quality of Mr. Gupta’s programming, they are giving away access to Keyword Goldmine Jeet until Video Jeet is released.You can see the intro video about this new Jeet and get a copy of their free Keyword... [...]

Build viral content for your site manually or automatically #ad

“Pillar Traffic” comes a long-forgotten term in the internet marketing world, “pillar content.” The idea was popular with bloggers several years ago and referred to traffic campaigns where bloggers would create specific types of very engaging content that their audience would share with their friends.Eventually, this dropped from most people’s radar. However, in part because it is no longer overused, it’s even more useful in bringing in new traffic now than ever.Chris Munch and his team are reviving this once popular traffic method. They have developed software... [...]

Content Curation Plugin: quality blog content at a reasonable price #ad

Your Google ranking (and to some degree, your Bing ranking) for keywords is the heart of your online marketing campaign. Combine that fact with the principle that “content is king” and you realize that your website’s success is dependent on having good content that the search engines like.Curation is the best way to get top content quickly. Walt Bayliss has been working a curation tool for over a year. He calls it Content Curation Plugin and for a short time, he is making it available on sale for a fraction of its regular price. He released it some time ago, but after a short... [...]

Today only: Gorilla Evolution at 85% Discount #ad

Andrew Fox and Chris Fox are running a major sale on their automated content app called Gorilla Evolution.It is a 4 in 1 plugin that posts to Facebook, Blogger, Tumbler and any website you own., all asutomatically.But at Midnight, it rises to its normal price of $197. And at that same time, the basic version no longer will port to Facebook. so if you want to to post to Facebook you need to buy the upgrade, which is free with purchase today only.Gorilla Evolution is an all-in-one, point and click platform that pulls high-quality content from many of the most powerful sites in the world: Amazon iTunes Yahoo... [...]

CurationSoft 3.0 Pro: Better sites through curation #ad

Your WordPress website can attract traffic from people interested in your niche around the world, and when it does, it can become a source of steady income for you.The main hurdle you have to overcome is creating top content that people will be so interested in reading that they will return day after day. Content curation can help you create this quality content.By curation, we mean finding interesting content in your niche, then excerpting a snippet of text and “framing” it with your own commentary, putting it in context within the niche at large. You post this curated content on... [...]

Content Curation Traffic Explosion: How to get 100 visitors/day #ad

Even if your website has just been set up minutes ago, you can enjoy steady traffic using the techniques in Content Curation Traffic Explosion.Besides the traffic, you will discover how to have people:• Immediately retweet your website links to their followers,• ‘Favorite’ your Tweets• Follow you• And even thank you for including them in your blog posts.This method works with any website. That includes WordPress, Tumblr and Drupal blogs. As a result, you get high quality targeted visitors to your site.You can apply this method, in about 15 minutes per day, and you... [...]

“Blog Fresh Power” software increases blog rankings, traffic and profits #ad

Jay Venka and Joshua Zamora, experienced bloggers all, studied the SEO characteristics of blogs and found that fresh content is one of the major factors. Let your content get stale, and your rankings will drop, which results in lower traffic and lower profits.They have created the Blog Fresh Power WordPress plugin to solve this problem.This plugin refreshes old posts (you select how old) to give them new life. You can select which categories of posts you want updated, too. In the update process, it will do your choice of any or all of the following:• Add a snippet of relevant content from... [...]