Maybe you have never heard of The Hero Syndicate. They don’t need publicity to accomplish their goals, which are two:
1. Always know and stay on the leading edge of what’s working today
2. Always have the tools to take full advantage of these trends so they can stay ahead of the competition.

The Hero Syndicate is a group of social marketers who have joined forces to find and use the best tools that implement the best marketing techniques, and to share this knowledge with each other.

For example, when it comes to Facebook, they have tools for:
• Complete fan page automation, where the best and most engaging content on Facebook is automatically fed to your pages
• Achieving surprisingly high conversion rates for any list building or optin campaign you run
• Taking advantage of a major ad targeting loophole in Facebook and use the whole of Wikipedia as a database digging up ultra cheap and ultra targeted interest lists for ads.
• Monitoring best -selling tee-shirt campaigns, so you can see the most profitable tee campaigns on a daily basis and copy the winning ideas

But you don’t just get tools in The Hero Syndicate. You also get training in how to use them, found in a members area updated regularly with all the latest strategies.

And, you are included in a very private marketing group on Facebook where you can interact with the rest of the syndicate.

Besides all this, there’s a lot more that you have access to when you join.

Perhaps this exclusive group, with its tools and training, is what you have needed to move up in the world of marketing.

Get the whole story of how you can grow with the syndicate here: The Hero Syndicate.

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