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Monday, July 15, 2024

What skills must marketing leaders invest in to stay at the top? [Video]

The Marketing Week team has published a video on ‘What skills must marketing leaders invest in to stay at the top?’ featuring Keith Weed. Marketing Week team says, “The marketing landscape is evolving at a frightening pace so marketing leaders must never stop learning if they want to still be at the top of their game in years to come. Watch this video to see the views of top CMOs including Unilever’s Keith Weed, Diageo’s Syl Saller, Barclaycard’s Alex Naylor and O2’s Nina Bibby”. What skills must marketing leaders invest in to stay at the top? Marketing... [...]

Amazon advertisers to increase their budget in 2019 [Survey]

A Third Door Media survey has revealed that almost 80% of the Amazon advertisers are planning to increase their ad budget in the year 2019. Here are the survey findings: 37% of them spend up to 10 percent of their annual digital advertising budgets on Amazon 24% spend 10 to 25 percent of their annual ad spend on Amazon 20% plan to increase their Amazon budgets by 50 percent or more 55% said that at least some additional budget will come from incremental sources. To find out more about the survey results, visit the following link. 80% of Amazon advertisers plan to increase budgets in 2019 Search... [...]

Here’re four content marketing business models for you

The Content Marketing Institute contributor Robert Rose has shared four content marketing business models for the marketers. These proven models can help plan effective campaigns that can get you desired results. Rose says, “We have identified four types of business models: Performer, Platform, Player, and Processor. Each fall along two scales. The first is the business integration scale. At one extreme, content marketing exists to simply support other parts of the marketing and communications teams as a contributor. The other end of the business integration scale is content marketing as... [...]

Google wants you to verify your new sites for AdSense

Google has announced new changes for the AdSense program. Now the publishers will have to add all their sites to the AdSense before displaying the Google ads. says, “We’re already committed to initiatives such as the Better Ads Standards and we continue to strive to create a clean and fair ad network. Continuing our work on quality in AdSense makes it more attractive to advertisers which in turn leads to better outcomes for our partners. With this in mind, we’re making some changes to the way you monetize new sites with AdSense. What’s changing? Before you can show ads on a... [...]

Shine your holiday ad campaigns with these tips

The holiday season is approaching soon and it is the time to prepare your brand to reach out your target market. Online advertising is one way to maximize your profits. Marketing Land columnist Jacob Baadsgaard has shared five tips to make your holiday ad campaigns more profitable this year. Baadsgaard says, “For retailers, it seems like the holiday shopping season starts earlier every year. If you’re an e-commerce retailer, that means it’s time to start thinking through your holiday advertising strategy. There are a variety of tricks you can use to reach the right customer base and... [...]

4 Simple Steps to Begin Building an International Brand [Video]

Entrepreneur magazine team has published a video on ‘4 Simple Steps to Begin Building an International Brand’ featuring Brian Tracy. The Entrepreneur team says, “Many entrepreneurs have asked themselves, what is the art of building an international brand? In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Brian Tracy breaks down the main way to get international customers. For individuals who are dead set on starting their company, motivation and the ability to jump in feet first are never the problem. What can be confusing is communicating with other cultures, and bridging that gap... [...]

‘Using Social Media’s Perpetual Motion for Branding’ Webinar November 1

MarketingProfs team is hosting a webinar on ‘Using Social Media’s Perpetual Motion for Branding’ on Thursday, November 1 at 2.00 pm ET. The MarketingProfs team says, “Social media has fully infiltrated the business world. For marketers, this means the work never stops—there is no lull between campaigns, to evaluate and plan the next. Instead, every element of branding—planning, creating, communicating, and analyzing, in addition to reputation building and managing customer response—happens concurrently and continuously. How are marketers supposed to respond to the... [...]

Tips to ethically use manipulation in marketing

Manipulation is seen as a negative term. But not always it leads you to do something where you are planning to cheat or harm someone. Entrepreneur guest writer Scott Oldford has shared an article highlighting how marketers can ethically use manipulation in marketing. Oldford says, “Through modern retargeting, I can manipulate you into believing something you do not believe. And when I say I can, I mean anyone can: the media, government, marketers, online business owners … anyone! You see, your mind largely works on a subconscious level. During every second of your waking day, it takes... [...]

Three tips to improve customer experience

Customer is the king and your need to keep them happy with the right treatment. Customer retention can be met only by delivering the efficient customer experience. Entrepreneur contributor Tiffany Delmore has shared three customer experience tips based on the way Apple, Hulu, Amazon and Netflix deliver their customer experience. Delmore says, “Many executives worry about incurring unsustainable costs in their efforts to drive customer loyalty, but delivering a top-notch experience doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Even if you don’t have the budget of these big names, you can still... [...]

Improve Instagram marketing with these captions

Content matters on all the platforms. Even when you publish videos and images on the social networks, the captions that you right also make a huge difference. To help marketers improve their Instagram marketing efforts, HubSpot’s Caroline Forsey has shared a list of 36 captions they can use. Forsey says, “If you’re anything like me, you take about four minutes choosing a filter for your Instagram photo, and about four hours deciding on a caption. Worst of all, after much creative effort and advice from friends, I’m usually barely able to write a caption that goes beyond,... [...]

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