Customer is the king and your need to keep them happy with the right treatment. Customer retention can be met only by delivering the efficient customer experience.

Entrepreneur contributor Tiffany Delmore has shared three customer experience tips based on the way Apple, Hulu, Amazon and Netflix deliver their customer experience.

Delmore says, “Many executives worry about incurring unsustainable costs in their efforts to drive customer loyalty, but delivering a top-notch experience doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Even if you don’t have the budget of these big names, you can still follow their lead to improve your customer experience.

1. Extend hospitality like Apple.

Just one negative experience is enough to send 17 percent of formerly loyal customers looking elsewhere. If customers who already love your brand can leave after a single bad experience, imagine the costs of making a poor first impression.

That’s why, before the company ever opened a retail store, Apple sent its future managers to attend training hospitality seminars put on by the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain. The takeaways? Apple employees now follow the same three steps of service: a sincere greeting, fulfillment of needs and a farewell using the guest’s name. The hospitality paradigm is important across all industries”.

Customer Experience Is How You Can Differentiate Your Brand


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