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Friday, June 21, 2024

5 Social media trends you should know

Social is evolving with mobile and artificial intelligence. With these changes marketers are getting an opportunity to touch upon various facets of the social media and utilize the opportunities that are availed. HubSpot’s Marcus Andrews has published an article focusing major five trends taking place in the social media domain. Andrews says, “There are five major trends that are defining this next wave of social media. 1) New Channels One of Facebook’s most recent hits is Facebook Messenger. It’s one of a handful of new channels, along with Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat that’s... [...]

HubSpot study reveals how a single email booked 200+ meetings

HubSpot’s Stefano Gasbarrino & Carlos Villalobos have published a study that reveals how they booked more than 200 meetings with a single email. say, “It started out simply enough — we wanted to find out if an email sent directly from a sales rep that included a link to book a meeting could convert better than one of our popular offers. But then we thought, “We can do better. Let’s kick the personalization up a notch.” And so, we did — and here’s what happened. How a Single Email Send Led to 200+ Meetings Booked The Hypothesis Within our LatAm partner marketing... [...]

Here are 23 follow-up sales email templates for you

HubSpot’s Aja Frost has published 23 follow-up sales email templates for the email marketers.  Frost says, “Salespeople shouldn’t send “just checking in” emails for one very simple reason: They don’t work. Buyers feel like the rep is virtually poking them, making them reluctant to answer. Not only do “checking in” messages rarely garner responses, they can even turn prospects against their senders. But reps still need a way to get in touch with buyers who’ve gone dark. Enter these 23 email templates. These “just checking in” alternatives simultaneously add value... [...]

Prepare for holiday shopping with these tips

Marketing Land columnist Tom Mucklow has shared five ways marketers can prepare themselves for the upcoming holiday season. Mucklow says, “It’s essential they take the time to learn and implement new technologies to help speed up the sales process. With holiday sales reaching a whopping $658.3 billion dollars last year, they can ill afford to be unprepared for the year’s biggest shopping surge. What follows are five key questions retailers must ask themselves now to prepare for the upcoming holiday shopping season: 1. Is your website ready? It goes without saying now that a retailer’s... [...]

Twitter’s new $99 a month subscription-style ad program

Twitter developed a way for its users to grow their following and extend their Tweets’ reach to more people without creating ads or managing campaigns. The company is charging $99 a month for this new ad solution. Marketing Land’s Tim Peterson says, “The invite-only Twitter Subscription Ads Beta Program appears to be aimed at smaller advertisers that use Twitter’s self-serve ad-buying tools but may be interested in handing over the reins to Twitter in order to focus on managing the rest of their businesses. It could also appeal to individuals looking to grow their Twitter followings”. Twitter’s... [...]

HubSpot publishes a beginner’s guide to email marketing

HubSpot has published a free book called ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing’. This free book covers basic email marketing lessons for the marketers. The HubSpot team says, “The Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing includes tips like: Getting started by growing your email list Remaining CAN-SPAM compliant Using email automation to save time Segmenting your audience to deliver targeted content Designing both HTML and plain-text templates Measuring performance (formulas included)”. The Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing  [...]

All you should know about Facebook’s Groups for Pages

Facebook has launched Groups for Pages around the world. This new service enables people to create fan clubs and groups centered around small communities having same interest. Econsultancy writer Patricio Robles has published an informative article sharing the all marketers should know about the Groups for Pages. Robles says, “One of the ways Facebook is apparently going about trying to accomplish that is with the launch of Groups for Pages. Previously, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups were separate entities and weren’t connected, but thanks to Groups for Pages, that’s no longer... [...]

Descriptive analytics – explained

In descriptive analytics a summary of historical data is created to yield useful information and possibly prepare the data for further analysis. So it is one of the initial steps of analytics. Econsultancy’s Jeff Rajeck has published an in-depth article on descriptive analytics. Rajeck says, “For a start, descriptive analytics only uses facts and real data. Descriptive analytics should not include assumptions or derived data which cloud the description. For example, the report described above should not include estimates and any missing data should be clearly noted. Descriptive analytics... [...]

Five ways to get links (MOZ Video)

The MOZ team has published a video on ‘5 Tactics to Earn Links Without Having to Directly Ask’ featuring Rand Fishkin. Fishkin says, “Some people in the SEO world, some link builders are extremely effective. If you go to the Russ Jones School of Link Outreach, you need to make a big list of people to contact, get in front of those folks, outreach them, and have these little success rates. But for some of us, myself included, I just absolutely hate begging people for links. So even though I often produce content that I want people to link to, it’s the outreach process that... [...]

Improving brand value and customer loyalty with chatbots

Chatbots help you stay connected with your customers online. This communication channel helps you keep passing on product offers and other intimations. writer Ilker Koksal has published an article on how chatbots help marketers improve brand value and customer loyalty. Koksal says, “Let’s take a look at some key examples of how chatbots increase brand value and perception. Stay connected and personalized to build brand equity One of the most import benefits to having a chatbot is its focus on personalization and open communication with the consumer. As customers talk to... [...]

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