Facebook has launched Groups for Pages around the world. This new service enables people to create fan clubs and groups centered around small communities having same interest.

Econsultancy writer Patricio Robles has published an informative article sharing the all marketers should know about the Groups for Pages.

Robles says, “One of the ways Facebook is apparently going about trying to accomplish that is with the launch of Groups for Pages.

Previously, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups were separate entities and weren’t connected, but thanks to Groups for Pages, that’s no longer the case. Here are some things brands need to know about Groups for Pages and what they should keep in mind when evaluating whether to take advantage of them.

Brands can create new Groups or associate existing Groups with their Pages

Brands interested in employing Groups can do so in one of two ways: they can create one or more new Groups that are associated with their Pages or they can associate existing Groups with their Pages. To do the latter, a Page administrator must be an administrator of the Group being associated”.

Facebook launches Groups for Pages: what brands need to know and consider

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