Marketing Land columnist Tom Mucklow has shared five ways marketers can prepare themselves for the upcoming holiday season.

Mucklow says, “It’s essential they take the time to learn and implement new technologies to help speed up the sales process. With holiday sales reaching a whopping $658.3 billion dollars last year, they can ill afford to be unprepared for the year’s biggest shopping surge.

What follows are five key questions retailers must ask themselves now to prepare for the upcoming holiday shopping season:

1. Is your website ready?

It goes without saying now that a retailer’s website must offer the best user experience (UX) possible in order to meet consumers’ increased expectations. By planning ahead, retailers can ensure that every aspect of their websites are in order, from enhancing the online user experience to optimizing the checkout.

What is sometimes overlooked with this pure focus on UX is the ability to handle large volumes of traffic”.

Five things retailers must do this summer to prepare for holiday shopping

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