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Friday, June 21, 2024

‘How We Increased Organic Traffic by Over 50% Using Technical SEO Updates’ – HubSpot

Matthew Barby says, “We’ve got a confession to make: We’ve been making a few rookie SEO mistakes within our own website. For a company that is supposed to be at the forefront of inbound marketing and SEO, this isn’t something that we’re entirely proud of. But even experts make mistakes, right? Instead of shying away from these oversights, we thought we’d show you where we went wrong so that you don’t make the same mistakes. More importantly, we’ll show you what we did to fix them and how these solutions resulted in us growing our organic traffic... [...]

SocialRobot “Ranks Your Videos on Page 1 of Google in 48 Hours” #ad

Without any technical expertise at all, you can use Joshua Zamora‘s SocialRobot to bookmark your videos on 500 or more sites. This extreme collection of backlinks can bump your video much higher in the search engine results, which can lead to many more clicks, which can lead to higher earnings. Zamora is running a very short-term sale on SocialRobot. And to sweeten the deal, he is including these bonuses: • A list of high page-rank bookmarking sites you can use • His Zamarai Video Blueprint for good videos • His respected Gold digging Video • A live Q and A training session... [...]

‘Your Content Isn’t as Influential as You Think It Is′ – ‘Convince & Convert’ Blog

Jeffrey L. Cohen says, “Content marketers like to think we are important. We’ve changed the face of modern marketing, haven’t we? We create the content that drives awareness, builds relationships with prospects, and helps move them along their path to purchase. Well, according to a study of marketing technology buyers by Walker Sands, we have a lot less influence than we might think. Let’s start at the top. What’s New in Marketing Technology? Where do buyers learn about new marketing technology? The top answers in the study are peers and colleagues (30%), news publications and blogs... [...]

‘7 Ways to Make Boring Web Content a Lead-Generating Weapon’ – CMI

Dan Stelter says, “Too many business websites aren’t useful marketing weapons. Instead, they’re like firing a gun loaded with blanks. Website visitors look at a page or two, don’t find anything relevant or helpful, and leave, never to return. Your site’s typically static pages are the most overlooked lead-generating secret weapon in your marketing arsenal. Consider the impact of website content changes for these organizations: is a site for a nonprofit created to bring computer science education to all students in the United States. Changes to its website content helped... [...]

‘Six things that make a good subscription service’ – Econsultancy

Ben Davis says, “In my right hand I have a mug of Brazilian coffee (Fruit and Nut Espresso). The coffee was delivered through my letter box yesterday, courtesy of Pact Coffee, one of many coffee subscription services. However, Pact doesn’t like to think of itself as a subscription service. Its founder, Stephen Rapoport, believes many subscription services work for the business but not for the customer. So, if the model is often abused, just what makes a good subscription service? 1. Habit It seems obvious when it’s said aloud, but it’s something overlooked by too many businesses... [...]

‘3 Resources to Help Invigorate Your Standard Content Routine’ – Copyblogger

Stefanie Flaxman says, “You’re probably familiar with “art imitating life” and “life imitating art.” I know I am. We can apply this idea to content marketing, as well. Your content may imitate life if it’s engaging, entertaining, and useful. You take recognizable, relatable elements from life and infuse them into your content toconnect with your audience members’ worldviews. But how can life imitate your content? Well, winning content marketing is often the product of trying different experiments to see what works best for your message and your business. These experiments help... [...]

‘Targeted Link Building in 2016’ – MOZ

MOZ team says, “SEO has much of its roots in the practice of targeted link building. And while it’s no longer the only core component involved, it’s still a hugely valuable factor when it comes to rank boosting. In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand goes over why targeted link building is still relevant today and how to develop a process you can strategically follow to success“. Targeted Link Building in 2016 – Whiteboard Friday MOZ Blog  [...]

‘Top 5 Ways Consumer-Generated Content Is Amazing for SEO’ – MarketingProfs

Michael DeHaven says, “For more than 12 years, I’ve worked with consumer-generated content as a core component of my strategic SEO work. About half of that time was focused on the search optimization of job postings for a well-known job board. The other, more recent half focused on consumer content in the form of end-user reviews. Throughout the latter period, I was responsible for the organization and optimization of content written by millions of people, about an infinite number of topics, whose writings were to be published, unedited, on some of the world’s most popular websites. At... [...]

‘7 Powerful Ways to Make Your Emails More Persuasive’ – HubSpot

Leslie Ye says, “Communication is the lifeblood of sales and marketing. Successfully closing deals, providing value, explaining complexities — they all rely on your ability to express yourself clearly and persuasively. The outreach email is a special breed of writing. You only have a very small window of opportunity to capture your reader’s attention and convince them to move one step closer toward a purchase or intended action. Use these writing techniques to ensure your emails pack the most punch. 7 Powerful Persuasion Techniques to Use In Your Next Email 1) Know your audience. Okay,... [...]

‘Google’s AMP Project Gets Google Analytics Support’ – Marketing Land

Amy Gesenhues says, “Google says its soon to be launched AMP project will be supported by Google Analytics. Aimed at creating web pages that load faster on mobile devices, Google’s AMP – short foraccelerated mobile pages – was announced in October of last year. Shortly after announcing AMP, the project gained support from ad platforms like Outbrain, AOL, OpenX, DoubleClick, and AdSense. Now along with ad support, publishers will have access to Google Analytics to measure how their AMP content is performing. For publishers looking to use AMP to provide an improved user experience, we’ve... [...]

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