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Friday, December 4, 2020

Strategies to Improve Your Podcast ROI

Podcast publishing is a proven way to grow your online reach to establish yourself as an authority in your domain and to grow your sales. Marketing Land contributor Rodric Bradford has shared some useful tips to improve your podcast ROI. He says, “The cornerstone of any successful podcast is content. “You have to have something to give the audience other than a sales pitch,” said Karla Joe Helms, co-host of the If You Market They Will Come podcast. “As a marketer don’t look to try to monetize your podcast, worry more about building a consistent high-quality content outflow and go... [...]

How to Improve Scripts for Better Video and Audio Promotions

In achieving your video and podcast marketing goals, what helps you the most is script you have crafted. An appealing script helps you to win more audience and convert into customers. Content Marketing Institute‘s Robert Rose has shared three tips to write better scripts for your audio and video. Rose says, “When I ask people why they wouldn’t script their presentations, videos, etc., a common response is that they are uncomfortable with the format. They are afraid that if they write out their speech, it will sound stale and unnatural. But there are some fun secrets to create scripts... [...]

Podcasting Still Matters [Podcast]

Content publishing is the best way to give an edge and expanded reach to your marketing efforts. Podcast publishing is one such thing that gets you followers who could be prospects and later – your customers. Rainmaker’s Darren Vesterfelt and Tim Stoddart have published a new podcast episode ‘Podcasting Still Matters’ featuring Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. Rainmaker team says, “These days it seems like everyone has a podcast, but there are some pretty staggering stats that show podcasting is just as viable for connecting with an audience as it ever... [...]

Why Now is the Right Time to Start a Podcast [Video]

Podcast publishing allows you to connect with your target audience by sharing the content they want to consume. By podcasting regularly you can keep people connected with your brand. Social Media Examiner team has published a new video ‘Why Now is the Right Time to Start a Podcast’ featuring Michael Stelzner and Paul Colligan. SME team says, “Are you thinking about getting into podcasting? Worried it’s too late to start your own show? Podcasting expert Paul Colligan shares why podcasting can perform better than video and outlines a strategy to get you started”. Why... [...]

How to feature your podcasts in Google Search

Podcast publishing has been used as a content marketing tactic for a long time. By making sure that your podcasts appear in the Google Search results, you can increase your chances of a conversion taking place. Portent contributor Zac Heinrichs has shared an article to help you get your podcasts listed in Google Search. Heinrichs says, “The first step, after “get yourself a podcast” is to publish your podcast to Google Play Music. It’s a straightforward process that includes creating an RSS feed and having a website that links to the RSS feed. Create an RSS feed for your podcast and... [...]

$479 Million Spent on Podcast Advertising in US [Report]

The IAB and PwC  have published their findings from the third annual podcast ad revenue study. There are some significant findings that show promising future for podcasting. Here are the key findings: There has been a rise of 53% in podcast ad expenditure By 2021, the podcast revenue will reach $1 billion More than half of the 12+ US population listens to podcasts The podcast listeners respond well to the advertising”. Mark McCrery, CEO of Authentic and Podtrac says, “The tremendous growth in podcast ad spending is further evidence that podcasts continue to deliver strong results... [...]