In achieving your video and podcast marketing goals, what helps you the most is script you have crafted. An appealing script helps you to win more audience and convert into customers.


Content Marketing Institute‘s Robert Rose has shared three tips to write better scripts for your audio and video.

Rose says, “When I ask people why they wouldn’t script their presentations, videos, etc., a common response is that they are uncomfortable with the format. They are afraid that if they write out their speech, it will sound stale and unnatural.

But there are some fun secrets to create scripts that are useful tools just like blueprints are for an architect. Before I go there, let’s explore some of the “rules” I often see about writing scripts for video and audio and why I’m not such a fan of them:

  • Use shorter words instead of longer ones.
  • Use contractions instead of full words (e.g., “can’t” instead of “cannot,” and “don’t” instead of “do not”).
  • Use teleprompters or memorize your scripts always”.

3 Secrets to Writing Better Video and Audio Scripts [Examples]

Content Marketing Institute

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