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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Eight Tips to Create Content for SEO

Your content can play a major role in driving more traffic to your websites and blogs. By keeping your content in sync with the search engine algorithm requirements, you can continue to grow your search engine ranking. Go Fish Digital contributor Stewart Fussell has shared an eight-step plan to help you create content for SEO. He says, “I’ve found that the best way to create new content is to use a clear, step-by-step plan that focuses on targeted strategies. Using topics, keywords, and competitors to develop a thoughtfully curated plan will make all the difference for your team. Below... [...]

Website Speed, Google News & Web Stories with Barry Schwartz [Video]

The PubOps team has published a new video ‘Website Speed, Google News & Web Stories’ with Barry Schwartz. Barry Schwartz sits down to discuss the importance of website speed and how it affects rankings. He shares his thoughts on Google News Showcase, Web Stories, and Google’s efforts to be more transparent about how search and rankings work. Watch the video here.  [...]

Ways to Get More Customers Using Keywords

Keywords play major role in helping you to achieve higher search engine rankings and increase your website traffic. By choosing right keywords and integrating them into your content, you can improve your SEO performance. Business 2 Community contributor Daniel Hopper has shared some useful tips to get more traffic using keywords. Hopper says, “Choosing the right keywords to use in your marketing copy and search engine optimisation is key to more people finding your website amongst the millions of alternatives. Achieving a higher-ranking result means you will be higher on the Search Engine... [...]

Danger of Absolutes in Marketing, Answering SEO Questions & More [Podcast]

Search Engine Journal’s Danny Goodwin has published a new podcast episode on ‘Danger of Absolutes in Marketing, Answering SEO Questions & More’ featuring Tony Wright, CEO of WrightIMC, a full-service digital marketing agency based in the Dallas, Texas area. Listen to this podcast to discover some useful SEO strategies and boost your website traffic. Goodwin says, “Tony has won quite a few awards over the years as well, including Excellence in Interactive Marketing, AMA Marketer of the Year, Outstanding Alumnus of Texas Tech University, and more. Listen... [...]

Five Ways to Improve SEO Performance

A strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy enables you not only to attract new visitors but also in improving the user experience and usability of your website. SEO helps you in expanding your organic reach and building trust and credibility too. Distilled contributor Annaleis Montgomery has shared five useful tips to start your SEO journey and improve marketing performance. Montgomery says, “They say learning SEO is like learning a new language. With such a skill, comes hours of pouring over educational materials and practising it until it comes with ease. But if you don’t... [...]

SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

Nowadays most businesses have realized the importance of SEO and they work to improve their search engine presence. However, while developing an SEO strategy you need to consider several elements which help you to score well in the SEO game. From selection of keywords to the title tags you write for your pages, every element has its own importance. To help you create a better SEO strategy, Go Fish Digital contributor Candice Lyna has shared an article highlighting common mistakes made by businesses while launching a new website. Lyna says, “Time and time again, I see “SEO” considered... [...]

How to Use Intent to Shape Your Content & SEO [Podcast]

Intent marketing refers to the concept of of marketing your product or service based on a customer’s intent to make a purchase decision. By identifying customer intent you can achieve better search marketing with the help of right keyword selection. Neil Patel has published a new podcast episode ‘How to Use Intent to Shape Your Content & SEO’ to help you improve your marketing results with intent marketing. Patel says, “In episode #1203, we share how you can use intent to shape your content and SEO. The buckets of intent are the best way to gauge where in the sales process... [...]

Aja Frost on Topic Clusters, Featured Snippets, Image SEO & Suggested Clips [Video]

A well-developed SEO strategy focuses on multiple dimensions of achieving to achieve rankings in search engines. You need to consider different ways to influence search engines and secure higher placement. Topic clusters, featured snippets, image SEO etc. are some of the techniques that help you to make most from your SEO efforts. Rusty Brick has published a video interview with HubSpot’s Aja Frost. In this video Frost talks about the importance of Topic Clusters, Featured Snippets, Image SEO & Suggested Clips. Brick says, “Aja Frost (@ajavuu) is the senior SEO strategies at Hubspot,... [...]

21 Steps to Write Page Titles and Meta Descriptions for SEO

You need to be careful while crafting your website’s page titles as it is important to tell visitors whether they are visiting the right page. Also met descriptions are also of utmost importance for taking SEO advantage. Exposure Ninja contributor Dale Davies has shared 21 steps to help you write effective page titles and meta descriptions for your website. Davies says,”To write the best page titles and meta descriptions, you must make them unique, make sure they’re not too short or long, use accurate keyword phrases for each page, not stuff keywords in, and write for people, not... [...]

Find Out Why Your Site Isn’t Showing Up On Google

By creating a strong SEO strategy you can get your websites listed in Google search results and increase organic traffic. But sometimes a change in the search engine algorithm makes your site disappear from the listnings. Ahrefs contributor Joshua Hardwick has shared nine reasons why your websites are not showing up on Google. Hardwick says, “If Google doesn’t know about the existence of the page you’re trying to rank or thinks it doesn’t deserve to rank, then it won’t show up anywhere that matters in the search results. For that reason, to show up in Google, three things... [...]