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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Impact of Social Signals on Rankings

Your search engine rankings are influenced by several factors. By working on the ones that positively improve your SEO, you can get more traffic. Search Engine Journal’s Julia McCoy has published an article highlighting five SEO misconceptions. She says, “Here’s a quick roundup of the five biggest misconceptions about SEO I’ve seen spouted in the last year, and why they just aren’t true. Recognize any? Misconception #1: Social Signals Impact Ranking Whether or not social signals impact SEO has been a hot topic for at least the last ten years. It makes sense that the more followers... [...]

The Painful Truth About SEO [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘The Painful Truth About SEO’ highlighting some useful facts about SEO. He says, “SEO used to be simple, you write an article on a topic and over time you get rankings, you get some traffic. Even if you’re not on page one, it wasn’t that competitive, and you get results. But now with over a billion blogs on the internet, SEO has become super competitive. Just think about that. That’s roughly one blog for every seven people. And the way you get traffic, and the method you use to get those rankings has changed. Today I’m... [...]

Wasteful Wednesday Day#25 – Keyword of the Week ‘Scholar’

Seer Interactive has published a new video Wasteful Wednesday Day#25 – Keyword of the Week ‘Scholar’ featuring Will Reynolds. He says, “This Wednesday I decided to look for clues and domains around Google Scholar. So I think that this video is going to be helpful for almost everyone, but it’s going to be most helpful for those folks that are in the healthcare industry. We decided to take a look at where Google Scholar is showing up in the top five or top ten results. Then use that information to say, “if Google is showing Google scholar in the top few, that means that... [...]

How Long Does SEO Take? [Answered]

Jeremy Knauff of Search Engine Journal has published an article answering this question. He has highlighted the impact of competition, inbound links, and content on SEO performance. He says, “Figuring out how long your SEO will take comes down to first evaluating the data behind these three variables, beginning the work and evaluating how quickly you begin to see results, and then extrapolating that to get an idea how long it might take to hit a particular position. The Role of Competition in How Long SEO Takes If you’re selling something like salmon-flavored breakfast cereal, you probably... [...]

Is SEO Really Working For You?

Neil Patel has published a new video titled ‘Is SEO Really Working For You?’ to help marketers and webmasters learn how they can make the most from their SEO efforts. He says, “You spent all this time doing SEO, but how do you know if it’s really working out? Today I’m going to break down if SEO is working for you”. Neil Patel’s Blog  [...]

Eight Tips to Create Content for SEO

Your content can play a major role in driving more traffic to your websites and blogs. By keeping your content in sync with the search engine algorithm requirements, you can continue to grow your search engine ranking. Go Fish Digital contributor Stewart Fussell has shared an eight-step plan to help you create content for SEO. He says, “I’ve found that the best way to create new content is to use a clear, step-by-step plan that focuses on targeted strategies. Using topics, keywords, and competitors to develop a thoughtfully curated plan will make all the difference for your team. Below... [...]

Website Speed, Google News & Web Stories with Barry Schwartz [Video]

The PubOps team has published a new video ‘Website Speed, Google News & Web Stories’ with Barry Schwartz. Barry Schwartz sits down to discuss the importance of website speed and how it affects rankings. He shares his thoughts on Google News Showcase, Web Stories, and Google’s efforts to be more transparent about how search and rankings work. Watch the video here.  [...]

Ways to Get More Customers Using Keywords

Keywords play major role in helping you to achieve higher search engine rankings and increase your website traffic. By choosing right keywords and integrating them into your content, you can improve your SEO performance. Business 2 Community contributor Daniel Hopper has shared some useful tips to get more traffic using keywords. Hopper says, “Choosing the right keywords to use in your marketing copy and search engine optimisation is key to more people finding your website amongst the millions of alternatives. Achieving a higher-ranking result means you will be higher on the Search Engine... [...]

Danger of Absolutes in Marketing, Answering SEO Questions & More [Podcast]

Search Engine Journal’s Danny Goodwin has published a new podcast episode on ‘Danger of Absolutes in Marketing, Answering SEO Questions & More’ featuring Tony Wright, CEO of WrightIMC, a full-service digital marketing agency based in the Dallas, Texas area. Listen to this podcast to discover some useful SEO strategies and boost your website traffic. Goodwin says, “Tony has won quite a few awards over the years as well, including Excellence in Interactive Marketing, AMA Marketer of the Year, Outstanding Alumnus of Texas Tech University, and more. Listen... [...]

Five Ways to Improve SEO Performance

A strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy enables you not only to attract new visitors but also in improving the user experience and usability of your website. SEO helps you in expanding your organic reach and building trust and credibility too. Distilled contributor Annaleis Montgomery has shared five useful tips to start your SEO journey and improve marketing performance. Montgomery says, “They say learning SEO is like learning a new language. With such a skill, comes hours of pouring over educational materials and practising it until it comes with ease. But if you don’t... [...]