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Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Mobile Phone templates ’ Category

Clickbank Mobile Secret; Sell more Clickbank products with mobile #ad

Zhu Shan has just released new training that shows Clickbank affiliates how they can see an uptick in sales using mobile marketing. He calls it Clickbank Mobile Secret. Zhu is a veteran Clickbank marketer, winner of awards for top Clickbank sales, and he even has been a consultant advising the CEO of CLickbank. It would […]

Mobile Blueprint 2.0 Reloaded: Build a Mobile Website In 25 Minutes #ad

Yaro Glogowski has just released his latest version of Mobile Blueprint 2.0 Reloaded. In this new software and guide you get: • A Time Saving Solution for mobile websites– Build mobile websites in 25 minutes using the simple step-by-step guide. • A solution for any marketer, no matter how inexperienced. You don’t need previous experience, […]

Ultimate Mobile-Ready Landing Pages (for CPA and more) #ad

Jay Garces Jr (known to his friends as Jaggy Jay) has been doing well in the CPA (Cost per Action) business. One of the foundations for his success has been the landing pages he builds for CPA offers. They have been professional-quality, and (very important) they have been friendly to people who visit on a […]

JMI Mobile WordPress Theme: Build Mobile Websites like a Pro #ad

WordPress sites are fast and flexible, but native WordPress isn’t customized for mobile devices. For that, you need a WP theme that is specially designed with mobile users in mind. There’s a beautiful new mobile theme by Jay Moreno called JumpMobi Inspire that makes building an effective mobile site quick. It even comes with a […]

Alluring Mobile Templates Make your mobile pages look marvelous #ad

Bolaji O Decided there was no reason to continue making boring and ugly mobile websites. So he hired some of the best graphic designers and had them create Alluring Mobile Templates. If you sell website design services to other businesses, you want to provide stand-out sites, better than the average consultant offers. Bolaji’s new templates […]

Local Business WP Mobile Themes Vol.4, for five more businesses #ad

Mark Sandquist has released his latest set of mobile sites for offline businesses. If you consult for local businesses, these templates will enable you to quickly set up sites for your clients. Businesses included in this latest set are: • Coffee Shop • Pet Shop • Pub • Hotel • Daycare Each template in Local […]

Mobile GO: Creates a mobile version of any WordPress site #ad

In today’s mobile society, every site needs to look professional when a visitor arrives using a mobile device. Desktop themes generally fail miserably when viewed on a smartphone or tablet. Your site needs to check the device that your visitor is using and present a custom view for that device. Maulana Malik has tackled this […]

Build mobile Mini-sites for offline clients in a flash #ad

Chris Reck has been building mobile sites for offline businesses for years. He sometimes builds major sites, when the client knows that’s what is needed. But when the client is reluctant to invest heavily, he offers them a mobile mini-site. It has less function but with it, he gets a foothold, and he can later […]