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Sunday, December 8, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Posts Tagged With ‘ wordpress plugin ’

Easy Download Protector: A “business in a box” membership site #ad

Here’s a product you can sell as your own. And it come with a membership site to use in delivering it. It’s called Easy Download Protector. That’s the product you will be selling (you can also use it yourself, of course.) As you probably guess, this is software (a WordPress plugin) that assures products are […]

Gangsta Optins: An offer they can’t refuse? #ad

An attractive opt-in form is a critical ingredient for high conversion rates. You could use the one provided by your autoresponder company, but they are bland and yours looks like everyone else’s. You can hire a professional designer to create a custom one for you, but it could cost $100 or more. Even worse for […]

Amazon Plugin re-sells to unhappy visitors #ad

When someone comes to your Amazon affiliate site seeking a particular solution, sometimes they don’t find what they are looking for. Then they tend to click away without buying anything. That’s unfortunate. But suppose that before they do, you offer to help they find a better match for their needs? Wouldn’t you get more sales […]

EWS Top bar: For notices your readers must not miss #ad

“Banner blindness” is something that must be confronted by every marketer. People can ignore banners and not even notice they are doing it. Now, Craig Sowerby has released EWS Top bar, a WordPress plugin to place a “ribbon” or “bar” across the top of your WordPress pages so capture the attention of your visitors so […]

New keyword research tool fills gap left by Google tool #ad

Some people have been panicking over losing the Google Keyword Tool, and it could indeed be a problem if there were no replacement. But visionary marketers and their programmers have developed new solutions to fill the void without skipping a beat. One of these new SEO research tools is Apex SEO, created by Dylan Kingsbury […]

Keyword Cashlinks Plugin: On-site SEO made easy #ad

Walt Bayliss created a WordPress plugin a year or so ago that improved the SEO performance of sites that took advantage of its rich SEO features. Now he has just released version 2 of his tool, Keyword Cashlinks Plugin. This plugin adds cross-linking from one of your pages to another. When done right, these links […]

WP Pipeline Pro: Manage your blogs, keep them secure #ad

Ben Shaffer is a very experienced marketer who knows the problems WordPress can present to unwary webmasters, particularly those with several sites to manage.

WP Appointment Assistant: more appointments, less overhead, more profit #ad

Luther Landro is famous for his local niche sites he makes available to marketing consultants. In them, he usually includes an appointment-request function. Now, in WP Appointment Assistant, he makes this appointment system available for any WordPress site. This can reduce the workload of harried receptionists. Now, when people find the website, they can request […]

Super Affiliate Reveals How He Earned $22k from 1 Affiliate Campaign #ad

Precious Ngwu just launched the Optin Emperor WordPress plugin that builds a flow of evergreen traffic to your business. This plugin is built based on a super affiliate technology that any marketer can use; no tech skills needed. According to Ngwu, Once you install Optin Emperor on any of your niche sites, it collects high […]

P1 Content Magnet: Top rankings without backlinks #ad

In May, Matt Cutts warned that Google is cracking down on “backlink spam”, the practice of spreading irrelevant backlinks aound the web by adding spam to a forum, wiki or social site. Marketers need more dependable methods of raising their search engine rank. Recognizing this direction, Peter Garety started working on a process to improve […]