Bolaji O Decided there was no reason to continue making boring and ugly mobile websites. So he hired some of the best graphic designers and had them create Alluring Mobile Templates.

If you sell website design services to other businesses, you want to provide stand-out sites, better than the average consultant offers. Bolaji’s new templates are the kind of thing that help you do that.

These 10 designs are suitable for multiple niches, so they will meet nearly any need you have, for a client site or for your own.

Businesses pay good money to have a mobile site designed for them. With these templates, you have the starting point for a site that will impress a client from the time they first view it. All you have to do is customize it with the client’s information and you have a site worth hundreds to a savvy business.

You can offer reasonably priced services because these templates to a lot of the work for you. In theory, you could undercut your competitors, but with Alluring Mobile Templates, you don’t need to. The sites you build will look so good that you may actually charge more.

If the mobile consulting business appeals to you, check out these 10 new templates here: Alluring Mobile Templates

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