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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Instant Site Machine Creates Local Business Sites Fast & Easy #ad

What local business owner without a website would turn down a free website? Probably none would be that foolish? They know they are losing customers unless they are online. They just are either afraid of the cost or of the complexity. If you take care of those two items, they are probably going to be eager to move forward. You can charge them $10-$15 per month to host it for them (use a reseller account at one of the big hosting companies to host all your clients); they won’t balk at that. It’s an obvious bargain. But is it a good deal for you, the consultant? Well, it depends on... [...]

Local Business WP Mobile Themes Vol.4, for five more businesses #ad

Mark Sandquist has released his latest set of mobile sites for offline businesses. If you consult for local businesses, these templates will enable you to quickly set up sites for your clients. Businesses included in this latest set are: • Coffee Shop • Pet Shop • Pub • Hotel • Daycare Each template in Local Business WP Mobile Themes Vol.4 comes with several web pages, “tap to call”. Besides the templates, themselves, you are getting: ■ PSDs for the graphics so you can change them to suit your clients ■ Plugins needed for proper formatting on mobile devices ... [...]