WordPress sites are fast and flexible, but native WordPress isn’t customized for mobile devices. For that, you need a WP theme that is specially designed with mobile users in mind.

There’s a beautiful new mobile theme by Jay Moreno called JumpMobi Inspire that makes building an effective mobile site quick.

It even comes with a set of 5 pre-configured versions you can select from, if you choose, to save the time of configuring it yourself.

This theme comes with integration for over a dozen popular third-party sites that help your marketing, such as PayPal, Amazon S3, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and more.

The JumpMobi Inspire WordPress Theme isn’t a new product; it has been out about a year and has many happy users (read their comments on the sales page). What’s new is the limited-time sale underway.

During the sale, you can get a one-year developer’s license to build unlimited sites for yourself or your clients for just $57 ($47 if you promise to leave a review on the WSO thread.)

See it in action here: JumpMobi Inspire Mobile Theme

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