In today’s mobile society, every site needs to look professional when a visitor arrives using a mobile device. Desktop themes generally fail miserably when viewed on a smartphone or tablet. Your site needs to check the device that your visitor is using and present a custom view for that device.

Maulana Malik has tackled this problem and has announced a new mobile theme called Mobile GO that meets this need with great flexibility and customizing options.

• It comes with 4 built-in formats so you have something suitable for both local and online businesses. And each is available with an unlimited color selection so you can match the look of the site’s desktop design.

• You can customize what content you want to appear on your mobile home page, hiding or revealing whatever you choose. That’s also true for the menus you create.

• There are customizable “call to action” buttons, with the defaults of “Call us” and “Mail us”.

• All designs include a slider, Social Media buttons, Google Maps and more.

Check out the sales page with your own mobile device and click on the demo links or scan the QR codes to see the demo sites for these 4 designs. Because you can hide or show whatever you choose, the sites you build will be similar to these, but you can create any variation you want.

At the moment this new tool is only $19.97, but Malik says he will soon raise the price. Check it out here: Mobile GO

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