Jay Garces Jr (known to his friends as Jaggy Jay) has been doing well in the CPA (Cost per Action) business. One of the foundations for his success has been the landing pages he builds for CPA offers. They have been professional-quality, and (very important) they have been friendly to people who visit on a mobile device.

Garces has put together a package of 90 fresh CPA landing pages for other CPA marketers and is making them available on the Warrior Forum. He calls them his Ultimate Mobile-Ready CPA Landing Pages.

So many people are searching, buying and generally hanging out on their mobile phones and tablets, that any marketer who tries to succeed without a mobile web solution, is going to earn less and less money as time goes by. (By the way, they look great on desktops, too.)

The pages in Ultimate Mobile-Ready CPA Landing Pages are built with the latest HTML, CSS and Javascript technology so they will be productive for years to come.

If your site wasn’t created for mobile users, it is squeezed down to a size that’s probably unusable and only a small section of the site is visible at one time. Opting in or even reviewing the site is so hard, many quit trying.

But with the mobile-optimized pages in Ultimate Mobile-Ready CPA Landing Pages, your CPA offers stand out and attract further interest from your visitors.

And if you don’t do CPA, these squeeze pages can still improve your results. They also work well for:
• Affiliate Marketing
• Niche Marketing
• Lead Generation for local businesses

These pages are tailored for popular niches, such as:
■ Dating
■ Health
■ Consumer Financial Needs
■ Business Opportunity, etc.

And they are attractive and laid out to look just as good on p[hones as on desktop computers.

Regardless of the focus of your online business, these landing pages (lead capture pages) are designed to move your business forward by capturing leads that otherwise would have left without taking action.

Take a look at some samples of these 90 pages and then get your own package here: Ultimate Mobile-Ready CPA Landing Pages.

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