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Monday, November 23, 2020

JMI Mobile WordPress Theme: Build Mobile Websites like a Pro #ad

WordPress sites are fast and flexible, but native WordPress isn’t customized for mobile devices. For that, you need a WP theme that is specially designed with mobile users in mind. There’s a beautiful new mobile theme by Jay Moreno called JumpMobi Inspire that makes building an effective mobile site quick. It even comes with a set of 5 pre-configured versions you can select from, if you choose, to save the time of configuring it yourself. This theme comes with integration for over a dozen popular third-party sites that help your marketing, such as PayPal, Amazon S3, Pinterest, Facebook,... [...]

Build mobile Mini-sites for offline clients in a flash #ad

Chris Reck has been building mobile sites for offline businesses for years. He sometimes builds major sites, when the client knows that’s what is needed. But when the client is reluctant to invest heavily, he offers them a mobile mini-site. It has less function but with it, he gets a foothold, and he can later upsell them to a full site. In Mini Mobile Sites Pro, Reck gives you 5 niche-specific mobile site templates you can use to build mini-sites. The niches he includes are: ■ Attorneys ■ Pest Control Companies ■ Mechanics ■ Restaurants ■ Plumbers The header graphic is the... [...]