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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Archive for the 'Facebook News' Category

Facebook F8 Recap: The Biggest Announcements Marketers Need to Know & Why They’re Important [Podcast]

The Buffer team has published a podcast on ‘Facebook F8 Recap: The Biggest Announcements Marketers Need to Know & Why They’re Important’. Buffer team says, “Facebook F8 is one of the most important conferences of the year for the social media world! With F8 2018 in the history books, we thought it’d be useful to recap some of the most important announcements Facebook made during its flagship conference”. Facebook F8 Recap: The Biggest Announcements Marketers Need to Know & Why They’re Important Buffer  [...]

Everything you need to know about Facebook’s product reorganization

Facebook has fastened its efforts to reorganize its product segment. The company has announced its plan to launch a new team dedicated to the blockchain. Facebook is also changing its major executives and WhatsApp’s boss has also been changed. recode has summarized the recent five updates regarding Facebook’s reorganization efforts. recode  [...]

F8 Developer Conference: summary of major announcements

Marketing Land columnist Amy Gesenhues has summarized Facebook’s announcement at the F8 Developer Conference. says, “Here’s the full list of announcements made by Facebook during the two-day conference: Clear history Facebook will be rolling out a clear history tool that will allow users to clear their browsing history on the platform. Zuckerberg called it the kind of control his company believes users should have, but only after noting that it may diminish a user’s Facebook experience. Watch Party Watch Party is a video tool that lets multiple users watch the same... [...]

New Facebook analytics features announced

Facebook has announced new analytics features including omni-channel reporting tool Journeys, more automated insights, and a Facebook Analytics mobile app. The new features are aimed at helping brands grow with the analytics. Talking about the Analytics app, Josh Twist says, “These days businesses are increasingly on the go: 87% of depend to some extent on their employees to access mobile business apps from their personal devices (Source: Syntonic 2016 Employer Report: BYOD Usage in the Enterprise.” Survey among 409 CEO, CFO, and CIS leaders of US companies with 100+... [...]

Facebook faces defamation lawsuit

Techchrunch has reported that Facebook is facing a defamation lawsuit over fake advertisements from a consumer advice personality Martin Lewis. According to Lewis, Facebook could not stop fake ads despite repeat complaints. Lewis has been quoted saying, “I don’t do adverts. I’ve told Facebook that. Any ad with my picture or name in is without my permission. I’ve asked it not to publish them, or at least to check their legitimacy with me before publishing. This shouldn’t be difficult. Yet it simply continues to repeatedly publish these adverts and then relies on... [...]

Find out if Facebook leak affected you

TechTalk’s Kayla Elliott has published an informative article that can help you find out if the Facebook data leak issue has affected you in any ways. Elliott says, “There are speculations that by segmenting the content shown to different Facebook users based on their personal information, their perceptions of the election candidates were impaired.  Therefore, theoretically this may have made voters vote a different way than had they never been shown the information segmented based on their personal information.  Due to those concerns, some reporting outlets believe the... [...]

Everything you should know about Facebook’s updated Business Tools Terms

Marketing Land columnist Greg Finn has shared an analysis of the Facebook’s updated Business Tools Terms to help marketers cope with the GDPR as it comes into effect from May 25, 2018. Finn says, “As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced Senate and House committees in Washington, DC, this week, the platform introduced new terms around the use of customer data, tracking and measurement. Zuckerberg reiterated to lawmakers that Facebook will, in effect, apply the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards to its business globally. Not surprisingly, the Terms... [...]

Facebook: Verification compulsory for creators of Pages with large following

Facebook has announced further requirements to avoid misuse of its services. The company has made verification compulsory for creators and managers of Facebook Pages with large following. They will not be able to post on their pages until verification is done. The company has announced that the political ads will be clearly labelled as “Political Ad”. Talking about more changes in the Facebook ads, Rob Goldman, VP, Ads and Alex Himel, VP, Local & Pages say, “We’re also investing in artificial intelligence and adding more people to help find advertisers that should have... [...]

Facebook updates News Fee content policy

Facebook has made addition to the News Feed its users see. The new feed will show two additional pieces along with the present content. The site will show the following: More From This Publisher, which will give people a quick snapshot of the other recent stories posted by the publisher Shared By Friends, which will show people any of their friends who have shared the article. Talking about other improvement efforts, Facebook’s Taylor Hughes says, “We’re also starting a test to see whether people find it easier to evaluate the credibility of an article when we... [...]

Things you should know about Facebook’s third-party targeting data

Marketing Land has reported that Facebook us removing third-party targeting data due to scrutiny and regulatory pressure. Ginny Marvin has shared more details and a piece of advice for marketers. On why Facebook is out data partners, Marvin says, “There are a couple of things going on that Facebook addressed in an email to advertising partners on Thursday. One is the Cambridge Analytica scandal that has put Facebook in the crosshairs of just about every stakeholder group but advertisers so far. Last week, the company announced some new limits to the user data... [...]