Facebook continues to change for the better. With its transparency on one side and the set of tools for its users, it is becoming a platform that is winning trust.

AdEspresso has updated its article on Facebook updates for the month of 2022.

Ana Gotter says, “Let’s take a look at the core May 2022 Facebook updates you need to see, with a few sneak peeks into what’s being tested by Instagram, too.

More transparency for social, political and electoral ads

Facebook has faced a lot of a controversy over the past few years, as transparency around social, political, and electoral issues on social media platforms has become an important topic in the public debate. Many people started questioning the ethics of ads from these categories, in particular.

As a result, Meta has recently rolled out new transparency tools for social, political and electoral ads.

Starting in July 2022, the Ad Meta Library will include summaries of targeting information for these ad categories. The data will be made available to vetted academic researchers. The goal is to study social media’s impact on society (with measures to protect individual users’ privacy in place).”

Top Facebook Updates You Can’t Miss (May 2022 Edition)


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