On Oct 24th, 2020, Facebook decided to do a major change in its API (Application Programming Interface) that resulted in breaking more than 20 million websites. If your site embeds content from Facebook or Instagram, you were affected.

This change has been in the news throughout October. Nevertheless, many website owners have not been aware of the problem. Even worse, they haven’t had a way to get around it, even if they did know about it.

If you are a programmer, you can work with the new Facebook API to build a new application for each of your sites. If you don’t know how to that, there’s another way.

Today, Ankur Shukla is releasing 1-Click Social for WordPress, to reconnect your sites to Facebook. This new WordPress plugin reconnects your site to Facebook, and it’s all taken care of for you. Shukla says it takes under a minute to repair all your broken links to Facebook.

You may have Instagram or Facebook content on dozens of pages or in many posts. It doesn’t matter how many places you connect to Facebook or Instagram. This one plugin repairs all the problems at once. You don’t need to fix each one separately.

This is not a trivial problem. If one of your Facebook-dependent posts is licked on in search results, That would have been a visit to your site. Now, that traffic will see the empty post and go elsewhere.

You can imagine how big a problem that lost traffic can be for your long-term growth.

But you can fix it instantly. All you have to do is download 1-Click Social for WordPress and install it on your site.

Then do a few seconds of setup, and your content will be back to normal. And your site will stop leaking traffic.

Shukla has special pricing available during this short launch period. Get your copy here: 1-Click Social for WordPress.

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