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Friday, April 19, 2024

Ahrefs’ Guide to Organic Search

Organic search refers to the search results of a search engine that cannot be influenced by paid advertising. Organic search results are ranked according to their relevance to the search term. Ahrefs’ Head of Content, Joshua Hardwick has published a comprehensive guide on organic search. This guide covers the following: Types of organic search results Why organic search is important How to check and monitor organic search rankings How to rank higher in organic search results How to get more clicks from organic search. What is Organic Search? Everything You Need to Know Ahrefs  [...]

Seven Tips for Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a fascinating and ever-changing social media platform. In the last five years, it has changed from being a photo-sharing app to a visual marketing powerhouse. With 600 million active users and counting, Instagram has become a staple social media channel for marketers around the world. The visual nature of the platform allows customers to “get a feel” for products before they buy them. Check out these tips for your next Instagram marketing campaign. 1) Post at Optimal Times Instagram audiences are more engaged during certain hours of the day. According to HootSuite, engagement... [...]

Capitalizing on Digital Marketing Micro-Moments

Image Source: Pexels Marketing has changed significantly over the last couple of decades. Just as our technological age has evolved to include tools to keep us all connected, so too have the ways companies deliver messaging changed in tandem. With each new leap in technology and online consumer behavior, the business world has had to develop fresh marketing strategies to best capitalize on them. Whether you’re a small business owner or leading a marketing team, it can sometimes feel as though just as you’re starting to master a digital marketing method, there’s a need to learn a new one.... [...]

Eight Tips to Optimize LinkedIn Company Page

With LinkedIn Pages, you can find your place in the world’s professional community. They help you drive brand awareness & quality engagement with professional audiences. Social Media Examiner contributor Anna Sonnenberg has shared eight useful tips to help you optimize your LinkedIn company pages. She says, “Is your LinkedIn company page ready for dark mode? Are there other features you should consider adding to make the most of LinkedIn? In this article, you’ll discover how to update your LinkedIn company page and content to maximize professional networking and lead generation capabilities... [...]

Research Daemon: Don’t spend a fortune outsourcing your content #ad

Content is the one thing that bloggers, website owners, social media influencers, product owners, and even affiliate marketers never have enough of. Because good content attracts people to your site or social media accounts. You must have that traffic to build your sales today and your long-term business for tomorrow. Whether it’s blog posts, review articles, pillar content, FAQs, trending news, viral memes, breaking gossip, white paper reports, lead magnets, giveaway bonuses, or even PLR. Two things are certain: 1. Fresh, smart content is always in demand. 2. High-Quality content always... [...]

Converting Instagram Followers Into Paying Customers [Video]

Getting more and more followers on social media and converting them into customers are two different things. It is important to present an irresistible offer to achieve better conversion rate. HubSpot has published a new video ‘How To Convert Instagram Followers Into Paying Customers’ to help you convert more followers into customers. If you’re wondering how to turn your Instagram followers into loyal customers, the answer is simple. You need to optimize your page for sales. Watch and learn some of my favorite tips on how you can grow your revenue with Instagram now! HubSpot  [...]

Nine Ways to Grow Your Instagram Reach

By growing your network on social media platforms, you can boost your sales. On Instagram too, you can achieve sales growth by reaching more people. Social Media Examiner contributor Corinna Keefe has shared nine useful ways to help you improve your Instagram reach. She says, “For business accounts, the algorithm rewards novelty: new content, formats, and connections. That’s why it’s important—regardless of your specific strategy—to keep up a steady flow of posts and never stop testing. Here are some tactics and settings you can test to improve your organic reach on Instagram. #1:... [...]

Why Intent and Design Is Important in Digital PR [Podcast]

Search Engine Journal has published a new podcast episode ‘Why Intent and Design Is Important in Digital PR’ featuring Gisele Navarro. Brent Csutoras says, “Our host Loren Baker sat down with the CEO of NeoMam Studios, Gisele Navarro, to talk about the importance of design and intent in Digital PR. Early in her career, Gisele started exploring formats of linkable content and testing content that was outside the norm. That’s when she realized there was a need for creative content in SEO and link building strategies. In this episode, Giselle shares her creative process for building... [...]

CMI Highlights Content Marketing Myths and Missteps

Effective content marketing is a key to leading your business further. Quality content helps you persuade your audience and create more leads. Content Marketing Institute contributor Ann Gynn has compiled content marketing myths and missteps that hurt businesses. She says, “We asked presenters at the upcoming Content Marketing World what irritates them about our industry. They came back with a lot to say. Much of it falls into a few overarching categories: strategy, audience, and the content itself. Read on to hear what bothers 51 of them. 1. Focusing on what’s easy My biggest pet peeve... [...]

Have You Tried These Link Building Tactics?

Link building is one of the prime ranking factors for websites when it comes to search engine optimization. Spiralytics contributor Oscar Florea has published an infographic highlighting some underrated link-building tactics that work surprisingly well. He says, “One of the most popular methods is guest posting, where you try to publish a piece of original content on an authoritative website to gain links and boost traffic. Broken link building, on the other hand, is also a popular practice where you help webmasters fix dead links by providing a better alternative or a more superior content. Skyscraper is... [...]

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