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Monday, June 1, 2020

‘Discover and Implement The Most Impactful Tool On Instagram’ Webinar March 24 [Webinar]

An effective Instagram marketing strategy can help you to grow your business. Along with a strategy you also need the right tools to effectively promote your products and services. Sue B. Zimmerman is hosting a webinar ‘Discover and Implement The Most Impactful Tool On Instagram to Attract Your Ideal Followers and Customers Easily, Without Wasting Time’ on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 11.00 am ET. Zimmerman says, “On this free 2-hour training, you will…Learn the #1 reason why your past efforts on Instagram were probably not profitingUncover the 5 money producing activities... [...]

How to Get 1 Million Followers on Instagram [Podcast]

Instagram has grown as one of the most important social media platforms for your marketing needs. By getting more and more followers you can improve your marketing performance. Exposure Ninja’s Tim Cameron has published a new podcast episode ‘How to Get 1 Million Followers on Instagram’ to help you grow your Instagram followers. Cameron says, “In my latest podcast, I talk with David Deng who is the owner of an Instagram account with (as I look down at my phone this morning) 1.2 million followers.David has a lot to share about what has made his account so successful,... [...]

Here’s Why You Should Use Instagram for Business

Instagram has a record 25 million business accounts. This number shows how popular this platform is for businesses. Search Engine Journal’s Kristi Kellogg has shared nine reasons why you should be using Instagram to grow your business. Kellogg says, “Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your business doesn’t have anything visually interesting to post. With a little creativity and strategic planning, you’ll find there’s plenty you can post on Instagram.Here are nine reasons you should use Instagram as a business, no matter what your industry is.1. Customers... [...]

Ads Coming to IGTV: What It Means for Marketers and Creators [Podcast]

Instagram’s IGTV is gaining popularity among the social media users. In near future you will be able to promote your products on IGTV too.To help you learn more about the IGTV ads, Social Media Examiner’s Grace Duffy has published a new podcast episode ‘Ads Coming to IGTV: What It Means for Marketers and Creators’ featuring Jenn Herman.SME team says, “Welcome to this week’s edition of the Social Media Marketing Talk Show, a news show for marketers who want to stay on the leading edge of social media.On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show,... [...]

How to Use Instagram Hashtags for Maximum Exposure [Video]

Instagram hashtags enable you to reach out a particular mass on the network. With proper hashtags you can establish your brand and improve sales.Social Media Examiner team has published a new video ‘How to Use Instagram Hashtags for Maximum Exposure’ to help you make better impact with hashtags. SME team says, “Want more visibility for your Instagram posts? In this video, Instagram expert Jenn Herman provides you with a step-by-step guide for determining the mix of hashtags you should use for short-term and long-term exposure on Instagram. You’ll discover... [...]

Three Ways to Write Effective Instagram Ads and Captions

Relevant captions can help you to get your image and video content on Instagram. Also when it comes to creating effective Instagram ads, you need to be careful about optimizing all the elements used in its creation.Social Media Examiner contributor Carmine Mastropierro has shared three ways to creating persuasive Instagram ads, captions and bios.Mastropierro says, “Want more clicks and engagement on Instagram? Looking for tips on writing that converts?In this article, you’ll find techniques for creating compelling Instagram ads, captions, and bios that deliver results.#1:... [...]

Three Ways to Create UGC Powered Instagram Content Strategy

Innovative content can help you to strengthen your Instagram marketing performance. User generated content (UGC) could turn out to be a big asset if you can utilize it strategically.Social Media Examiner contributor Ann Smarty has shared three ways you can use UGC to improve your Instagram marketing strategy.Smarty says, “According to eMarketer, more than 75% of businesses surveyed plan to use Instagram as a marketing channel in 2020 so standing out in this crowd is not going to be easy.Here’s how you can use UGC for your brand to help grow your Instagram presence.#1: Collect,... [...]

Tools to Improve Your Instagram Marketing in 2020

According to an eMarketer report, Instagram will reach 112.5 million U.S. users in 2020. And by 2021, this social network is expected to reach 117.2 million U.S. users.Looking at the forecast you should continue to put in more efforts in your Instagram marketing. Jeff Bullas has shared a list of eight tools to help you improve your Instagram marketing in 2020.Bullas says, “We’ve put together a list of the eight best Instagram tools to improve your Instagram presence in 2020.1. Kicksta: Get Real Instagram FollowersIt’s no secret that having more real followers on Instagram leads... [...]

Four Ways to Creating Branded Content on Instagram

Instagram launched branded content ads for businesses in June 2019. This option gives businesses an opportunity to incorporate branded content posts into their advertising strategies.Social Media Examiner contributor Jenn Herman has shared four ways to create branded content on Instagram and improve your marketing performance.Jenn says, “Branded content isn’t the same as an ad and doesn’t indicate that any payment has been made to Instagram to promote that post. At this time, branded content posts aren’t even eligible for promotion through Instagram. If the content creator allows... [...]

Strategies to Make Your Instagram Presence Memorable

With Instagram you get a chance to interact with a large audience among its more than 1 billion users. With appropriate campaigns you can reach your target customers and increase sales.Social Media Examiner contributor Natasa Djukanovic has shared five ways to humanize your Instagram account for improved success.Djukanovic says, “Want to make your business more memorable on Instagram? Looking for tips to boost brand loyalty with your audience? In this article, you’ll discover five tips to ensure your Instagram account stands out.#1: Give Your Instagram Copy PersonalityWhen developing... [...]