Effective content marketing is a key to leading your business further. Quality content helps you persuade your audience and create more leads.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Ann Gynn has compiled content marketing myths and missteps that hurt businesses.

She says, “We asked presenters at the upcoming Content Marketing World what irritates them about our industry. They came back with a lot to say. Much of it falls into a few overarching categories: strategy, audience, and the content itself.

Read on to hear what bothers 51 of them.

1. Focusing on what’s easy

My biggest pet peeve about the content marketing industry is how it promotes tactics and tools more than the importance of strategy and planning. Tactics and tools are easier to sell because humans are typically impatient. Marketers would get so much more out of their content marketing tactics and tools if they took the time to strategize and plan. – Chris Craft, co-founder and chief content officer, NeoLuxe Marketing.

2. Starting without a content strategy

Our biggest annoyance is what we call “strategy MIA” (missing in action). Many brands jump straight into content creation without spending time on the strategy work. We also see a lot of brands spending without any attribution or idea of their content ROI. – Karen Hesse, CEO and founder, 256.“.

51 Experts Share Content Marketing Myths and Missteps That Hurt Your Work

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