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Friday, February 23, 2024

‘Why Set Up A Facebook Group?’ – Tweak Your Biz

Derbhile Graham says, “When you’re on social media, it can feel as if you’re drowning in a torrent of information. It can be hard to sift out the useful pieces of knowledge from the pictures of cats and the updates about the contents of people’s meals. Social media gurus speak of the importance of interaction, but social media can feel like a warehouse party where everyone is shouting at once. This makes it hard both to be heard and to listen to the right people. Groups give you the chance to target your social media communication, and if you set up your own group, you get to decide who... [...]

‘How To Run Quick & Easy Tests To Optimize Your Marketing’ – Aweber Blog

Jessica Celenza says, “You’ve probably heard time and time again about the concept of testing and optimization (a.k.a conversion rate optimization or CRO). But if you’re not quite sure what it means, that’s okay. Optimization refers to the process of improving your marketing efforts in order to maximize your desired business outcome. In other words, it’s all about testing and refining your marketing tactics to ensure they’re delivering the best results possible. How effective is it, you wonder? Accordingly to Optimizely, SaaS companies saw a 17 percent increase in customer engagement... [...]

‘How ‘Micro Marketing’ Can Create Macro Results for Your Brand’ – ‘Entrepreneur’ Blog

Eric Samson says, “Global ad spending is predicted to reach reach $662.73 billion by 2018. Unfortunately, a lot of those dollars will go to waste. Marketers regularly throw away money on Super Bowl ads, promoted social media posts and bot traffic. The typical spray-and-pray approach is often utilized by brands with multi-million dollar budgets hoping to boost brand awareness and affinity. Nike, for instance, spends $3 billion a year on what they call “demand creation.” It works but is inefficient. Smart businesses can become household names without a seven-figure marketing budget. For... [...]

Beautiful new affiliate store for Amazon affiliates #ad

Everybody needs a place to sit, a bed to sleep in and a table to eat from. That’s why all around the world, people spend billions on furniture every year. Amazon affiliate marketers like you and me can take advantage of this constant stream of traffic buying furniture to build a business selling the furniture everyone needs. The home furnishings industry offers any Amazon affiliate the chance to make money with an affiliate site catering to this niche. When you enter this niche you are offering everyday people an opportunity to create a better life for themselves by making their home more comfortable. CoolIce... [...]

‘Yahoo a Takeover Target? Not So Fast’ – Re/code

Kara Swisher says, “Immediately after Yahoo finally said it was going to do what everyone knew it was going to do — announce plans to spin off its remaining 15 percent stake in Alibaba, worth $39 billion — the speculation that Yahoo would become a takeover target began. “After Alibaba Spinoff, Yahoo May Become a Takeover Target” read the headline in the New York Times just today, summarizing the breathless chatter on Wall Street. “When the spinoff is complete,” said the Times, “Yahoo may be more likely to become the hunted rather than the hunter, according to investors and... [...]

‘How to Connect With Email-Fatigued Prospects in Three Simple Steps’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Christopher Lester says, “After surviving the competitive holiday season, many marketers could use a break. Unfortunately, new challenges come with the turn of the calendar page. Many people feel compelled to clean hypothetical house at the start of each new year—purging clutter, conquering unhealthy habits, and opting out of emails from the brands that crammed their inboxes in December. So, how can modern marketers deal with this detox mode—and make sure their messages aren’t lost in the New Year’s clean sweep? Here are three simple steps to connect with post-holiday email... [...]

‘Google Analytics Simplifies Remarketing Set Up With “Instant Activation”’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Ginny Mrvin says, “Google says that only 1 in 5 marketers successfully completes the remarketing set up process in Google Analytics. Whether it’s tagging problems or other implementation challenges, a 20 percent success rate is a pretty good indicator that the process isn’t user friendly for most marketers. To improve that success rate, Google has released “instant activation” of Advertiser Features for users in Google Analytics. The fine print (or no print on the announcement, actually) is that this instant activation only applies to Universal Analytics users. Standard GA version... [...]

Metropoli Theme: Ideal for Small Business or Lead Gen #ad

There’s an attractive new WordPress theme that can be used in many ways, but is being targeted to small business websites and sites that collect leads for small businesses. The Metropoli Theme builds attractive sites and is easy enough to use that you don’t have to have any tech skills to make a good-looking site. If you build sites for clients, or rent sites to local clients or sell leads, this theme can give your work a fresh modern look. You get a developer’s license, so you can install on your own sites and client sites, as many as you choose. Metropoli Theme comes with loads of flexibility.... [...]

‘New Social Media Marketing Benchmarks: How Does Your Company Stack Up?’ – HubSpot

Eric Devaney says, “284 million. That’s how many monthly active users Twitter has. Believe it or not, Instagram has actually surpassed Twitter with 300 million monthly active users. (For comparison, the fourth most populous country in the world, Indonesia, has a population of 255 million.) And then there’s Facebook, with 1.35 billion monthly active users. That’s billion … with a “b.” In other words, Facebook’s user base is just a hair smaller than the population of China, the most populous country in the world (with about 1.37 billion people). Stats... [...]

‘Don’t Look Now, But Deep Linking Just Got Hot’ – ‘ReadWrite’

Lauren Orsini says, “Suppose the only way to get to this article—yes, the one you’re reading—was to first visit and then trust that you could locate it using the site’s navigation tools. Odds are good that you’d be somewhere else right now. Instead, you probably followed a link shared on Twitter, passed along in email or even displayed here on ReadWrite. That “deep link” made it possible for you to zip right to this page, the same way you can visit just about anywhere on the Web with a single click. Deep links make the Web what it is; they’re... [...]

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