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Sunday, May 26, 2024

‘5 Strategies to Boost Your Content Marketing Campaigns’ – ‘Business 2 Community’ Article

The latest article on ‘Business 2 Community’ is titled “5 Strategies to Boost Your Content Marketing Campaigns”. Kristen Matthews says, “It’s evident that content marketing is the new effective marketing. The modern day consumer has been trained to block out all self-promoting ads and they’ve gotten quite good at it. One of the coolest results from this transformation is that the marketing world seems to be evolving in to one of collaboration where marketers can share their content and bounce ideas off of each other in LinkedIn Groups and G+ communities. Marketers are... [...]

‘Facebook Is Building The T-2000 of Ad Platforms’ – ‘Offervault Scoop’ Blog

The latest article on ‘Offervault Scoop’ blog is titled “Facebook Is Building The T-2000 of Ad Platforms”. Dustin says, “Facebook’s ad exchange (aka FBX) is getting bigger, badder, and more lethal by the day. They’re serving a billion impressions per day through their system. On Wednesday AdExchanger broke the story that Facebook is adding more outside data to their system to improve targeting options for marketers. This is a big move. FB is adding first party data from a company called blueKai. This is in addition to 2 other outside data providers Acxiom and Epsilon. Facebook Is... [...]

‘How to raise your prices by 300% (almost) overnight’ – ShoeMoney Blog

Jeremy Schoemaker’s latest blog post is titled “How to raise your prices by 300% (almost) overnight”. Schoemaker says, “One of the worst pieces of advice you can ever listen to is: raise your prices if you want to be more profitable. Why? Because it’s grossly incomplete. In this blog post, I want to share specific actionable things you can do to raise your prices by 300% or more (also referred to as being a premium provider). Besides the obvious benefit of being more profitable, charging premium prices also enables you to grow faster and, counter intuitively, attract better clients. From... [...]

‘9 Archaic Practices Your Marketing Agency Shouldn’t Be Getting Away With’ – HubSpot

The latest article on HubSpot blog is titled “9 Archaic Practices Your Marketing Agency Shouldn’t Be Getting Away With”. Shannon Johnson says, “It’s not the easiest time to be a marketing agency. While some agencies have survived the slashing of marketing budgets that forced many agencies to close their doors over the past several years, many are still struggling to stay afloat amidst a transformational shift taking place in the marketing industry”. 9 Archaic Practices Your Marketing Agency Shouldn’t Be Getting Away With HubSpot  [...]

‘LinkTrust Launches Mobile-Optimized Partner Center’ by Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins’ latest blog post is titled “LinkTrust Launches Mobile-Optimized Partner Center”. Collins Says, “LinkTrust users can now access details of their campaigns and affiliates in the mobile-optimized Partner Center. There is no need to download an app. When you login to LinkTrust on your phone, the mobile version of LinkTrust is automatically served up. On the mobile-optimized site you can… Monitor your top 10 campaigns and top 10 affiliates. View all campaigns, details and stats, as well as making a campaign live or expiring it. Suspend or block affiliates. Update affiliate... [...]

Buyers Keyword Tool: get long-tail buyer keywords in seconds #ad

Not all keywords are created equal. Some may just be hypothetical; you suspect a keyword may be useful and you need to verify it. But even verified keywords aren’t all equally useful. You really need to know the keywords people search for when they are ready to buy something, not the keywords they use when they are browsing. Ben Shaffer has just released his Buyers Keyword Tool, designed to help you get the best keywords to target in your marketing. Where do people buy things online? The most popular place is Amazon. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you uncovered the keywords people type... [...]

‘Smart Move: Facebook Buys Atlas’ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

The latest article on ‘The Forrester Blog’ is titled “Smart Move: Facebook Buys Atlas”. Nate Elliott says, “Facebook just announced that it’s buying marketer-side adserver Atlas from Microsoft. I think it’s a great move. It’s always been clear that for Facebook to realize its potential, the company would have to start powering advertising beyond its own site. Facebook has collected an incredible amount of data about people’s affinities and preferences, but it lacks the brand ad units to help marketers effectively leverage that data. Although the statement... [...]

‘Dirty Little Data Secrets: 5 Potential Inaccuracies In Your Social Media Reports’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

The latest article on  ‘Marketing Land’ is titled “Dirty Little Data Secrets: 5 Potential Inaccuracies In Your Social Media Reports”. Nan Dawkins says, “Remember that time long, long ago (in a land far away) when the term “web analytics” hadn’t even been coined? Fast-forward to 2013: web analytics data is the tip of the iceberg, “big data” is readily available, and many new tools on the market do the work of collecting data, storing it, manipulating it and reporting on it. No doubt about it, Data-Land is a much sweeter place than No-Data-Land, and as marketers,... [...]

‘Improving Brand Recognition With Social Media’ – Web Marketing Today

The latest ‘Web Marketing Today’ blog post is titled “Improving Brand Recognition With Social Media”. Ryan Welton says, “What does the word “brand” mean to you and your business? Is it represented by a logo, a slogan, a set of core values or a value proposition to your clients? If you were to ask your target audience about your brand, would they identify”. Improving Brand Recognition With Social Media Web Marketing Today Web Marketing Today  [...]

Page One Biz Branded App: An offline consultant’s competitive weapon #ad

Holly Carter is offering to build you a custom smart-phone app to promote your offline marketing services. Her Page One Biz Branded App: • Automates the process of acquiring new consulting clients • Automates the process of selling new services to existing clients • Generates passive income through product and service recommendations With your app, you promote your business services. You choose the primary one to showcase, and up to 5 more to mention, as well. Plus, if your clients like you app, they may want you to create one like it for them, and you keep all that revenue, too. And,... [...]

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