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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Traffic Xtractor 2.0 Gets You Free Traffic #ad

The second generation of the Traffic Xtractor software is now available. Use it to find keywords that you can rank for, possibly even on page 1. This software builds your rankings both on Google and on YouTube. And now, in version 2.0, in Bing. The added advantage of this new software is that with it, you can build your rankings without requiring any backlinks so you can start generating traffic right away. That’s worth repeating: It finds Zero Competition keywords that you can rank for in minutes, without creating a single backlink. So, for example, imagine being able to upload a simple... [...]

Niche Genetics Expert: in-depth niche insights #ad

The better you understand the niche you are marketing in, the better you will be able to sell effectively in that niche. That’s the principle behind Niche Genetics Expert, just released by Abbas Ravji This new web-based software that you access with your browser helps you get an in-depth understanding of your niche, showing you: • A complete, in-depth analysis of Google’s ranking algorithm as it applies to your niche • Complete Keyword & Niche Research, so you can focus on the high-traffic/low competition keywords that will deliver you the most traffic and the best-targeted... [...]

Keyword Suggestion Pro: Using Google auto-complete to find keywords #ad

Nearly every online marketer alive does keyword research. And most of them use Google Keyword Tool, or a commercial tool that uses it behind the scenes. That population of keywords is heavily mined every day. But Google search’s auto-complete function uses a completely different process. When you type in a keyword to search, it makes suggestions based on what other people have been searching for. That information is exactly what a marketer needs to build a tool or website that will meet people’s needs. But this is hardly ever used by marketers. That’s why Radu Hahaianu developed... [...]

SEO X-ray Hero gives marketers critical data to improve SEO #ad

Why hasn’t your site risen to the top of the search rankings? What do the top 10 sites have that your site doesn’t? Knowing these and other competitive facts can make a big difference in your own results. Sometimes a small tweak to your design or your meta-data is all it takes to move up. SEO X-ray Hero gives you data that directly affects your ranking You get lots of good data whenever you input a keyword you are interested in. See what sites are the top results for that keyword. Find out their details; what makes them the top: Lots of flexibility: • Analyze the Top 10 Sites... [...]

Keyword Spinner finds hidden keywords Google loves #ad

There are billions of Google searches every day. And the searchers use many keywords (billions) in these searches. If you use Google’s webmaster keyword suggestion tool, you will only find the tip of the iceberg for keywords related to your niche. There are many keywords being searched that don’t show up in the results by Google. Andy Black has just released a new software tool to uncover keywords that would otherwise be hidden away, relevant keywords that most marketers never know about. He calls his new tool Keyword Spinner.. This new tool can help you not only uncover new keywords,... [...]

Niche Genie: Finds neglected keywords for niche domination #ad

Mike Tyler just released Niche Genie, to help us overcome the problem of too much niche competition. You need to uncover keywords that hundreds of other marketers haven’t flocked to. Tyler offers his new software to help you dig into a niche and find where you can make inroads and build a business without a lot of competition. For over 2 years, Tyler has been building software to help niche marketers improve their results., including Amazon Niche Finder and Instant Backlink Magic. Niche Genie builds on the expertise developed in these earlier projects. Your success requires that you clearly... [...]

Keyword Scout Lite: Low-cost, high-value keyword research #ad

Shannon Murphy, Todd Gross and Josh MacDonald have released the new Keyword Scout Lite. The original version was released here in December, 2011, for $95, with a couple of functions not included in the new “Lite” version. ;Keyword Scout Lite, which runs on Windows XP or higher, gives you the same benefits of the best keyword research tools, but at half the price (or less) of most of them. For example, its $95 big brother is aimed at SEO professionals who are familiar with SEO and don’t need the help Keyword Scout Lite offers. The pro version includes the Amazon scraper and 2 other... [...]

Ant Pugilist: the niche marketer’s shield against failure #ad

If you want to be successful in any niche, you need to get into the heads of the people who are passionate about the topic. You do that by finding the keywords they use when they are searching for this topic. The Google Keyword Tool seems to be a good place to start, but many marketers find that it overwhelms them. It churns out lots of data, but it doesn’t help you to understand the message that data is telling you, and in fact, some of the important data isn’t clearly presented at all. Ant Pugilist was created to tame the masses of data Google shows you, to analyze that data and give... [...]

Ant Pugilist: Getting more traffic from Google #ad

Ant Pugilist follows the tradition established by previous “Ant” products, unique ideas carefully molded into helpful software. He goes by the nickname of “Oz”. He’s the producer of this new software for keyword research, and it is “outside the box.” Oz noticed that although the Google Keyword Tool has loads of data, it isn’t organized very well, so it tends to overwhelm, and even confuse, the user. Even worse, Google has data that it doesn’t explicitly show the user, so we miss some of the best insights. With better quality data, you can arrange... [...]

Niche Sensei 2.0: Super fast, super accurate keyword research #ad

If you are a marketer, you need to know the keywords your potential customers are using to search for a product they want to buy. There are many tools that claim to provide this information. They aren’t all created equal: • They differ in quality of results • They differ in the level of detail they provide • They differ in freshness of the data • They differ in how easy to use and how well they format the data for ease of use • They differ in what they cost Niche Sensei has just been released in the 2.0 version with the newest research capabilities of the bunch. With... [...]