Not all keywords are created equal. Some may just be hypothetical; you suspect a keyword may be useful and you need to verify it. But even verified keywords aren’t all equally useful. You really need to know the keywords people search for when they are ready to buy something, not the keywords they use when they are browsing.

Ben Shaffer has just released his Buyers Keyword Tool, designed to help you get the best keywords to target in your marketing.

Where do people buy things online? The most popular place is Amazon. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you uncovered the keywords people type into Amazon’s search engine? That’s the purpose of Buyers Keyword Tool.

It takes the keyword that you enter and goes through every letter of the alphabet looking for words to add at the end of your phrase, and it gives you the list of what it finds.

With the standard version of Buyers Keyword Tool, you get a list of keywords beginning with your phrase. But for a few dollars (about $5) more, you get additional data:

The pro version additionally offers:
• Additional levels of search. After searching for your words to append to your phrase, it then searches for phrases beginning with the phrases it found in the first round of searches.
• You can choose to search in specific departments rather than across the whole of Amazon. For example you can tell it to search in just Kindle section.

This tool can make quick work of finding good keywords, and it can give you a better-targeted list than you could gather manually.

You can get more details about this tool and get your own copy here. But be quick since the price is rising:: Buyers Keyword Tool

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