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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Postistic: Share content on WhatsApp (and more) with a click #ad

Here’s some new software that may be useful to you for promoting your own business. It is also useful in selling marketing services to small brick and mortar businesses. Why? Every business you can imagine wants (and need) to be on social media. They have a problem, though. Most local small business owners have no idea how to take advantage of the benefits of sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. They know that regular posting on social media helps them grow an audience for their products and services. Posting can generate good will as well as do actual selling. Unfortunately for them, they... [...]

How to Create a Facebook Group and Link it to Your Facebook Page [Video]

Facebook Groups can help you to gather like-minded people and create a following for promoting your products and services. Social Media Examiner team has published a video ‘How to Create a Facebook Group and Link it to Your Facebook Page’ featuring Bella Vasta. SME team says, ” Facebook Groups expert Bella Vasta shows you how to link your Facebook group with your Facebook business page and explains how to engage in your group using your profile or your business page. She also walks you through each of the Facebook group settings and alert options you can use... [...]

Five Ways to Grow Facebook Groups using Facebook Ads

Facebook Groups allow you to connect with your audience without increasing ad budget. With this tool you can also improve brand awareness by connecting with more people on Facebook. Social Media Examiner contributor Ben Heath has shared five ways to promote your Facebook Group with Facebook advertisements. Heath says, “If you haven’t already created a Facebook group and linked it to your Facebook page, read this article for the step-by-step process. #1: Create a Facebook Page Likes Campaign A Facebook Page Likes campaign is the original Facebook ad campaign type. When Facebook first... [...]

Want to be the 800 pound gorilla on Facebook? #ad

Well-known marketers and product developers, Chris FoxAndrew Fox, have just released FB Gorilla Here’s what Kristie Chiles said about FB Gorilla, after she beta-tested it: “I’m 55 and didn’t grow up with computers and built an amazing viral fan page in less than 10 minutes.” For the first time Google is now ranking FB Fan pages in its search results. With this automated tool from the Fox brothers means your fan page can get ranked higher, faster and easier than ever before. This is brand new Facebook marketing automation software that has features that will improve... [...]

FB Mayhem: How to create a full-time income on Facebook #ad

Anthony La Rocca has been using Facebook for three years to earn tens of thousands of dollars to support himself and his family. Now, he is sharing his business processes in FB Mayhem. He describes it as “a step-by-step system anyone can follow.” He has used the material in this course to change complete beginners into successful marketers. And he wants to do the same for you. Since Facebook has over 1 Billion members, there are people who want whatever you are selling. All you need to do is get your offer in front of the people who want it, and show them effectively why your solution... [...]

Social Wire: Software captures leads and promotes products on Facebook #ad

Ismael Lenis just announced new Windows software that delves deeply into Facebook to mine its groups for leads in your niche. When it finds a good lead, it saves the pertinent details (names, email address and Facebook ID) in an Excel spreadsheet for your easy access, analysis and use. In just minutes you can have a list of hot prospects for your product offer, people who are interested in your subject. Lenis gives a demo of the software at work on his sales page. At the moment, it’s only $5, but he says it’s going up to $34 soon. You can get the whole story here: Social Wire  [...]

Profiting from Graph Search: Get to know Facebook’s new tool #ad

Facebook is rolling out a new feature, called Graph Search. It allows a member to search for other members based on any of the personal attributes Facebook collects. This has many uses, but from the IM perspective, the greatest use is for precision targeting of relevant messages. It is so new that it is still in beta test. You apply to get access to it, and in time, you are added to the access list. But then what? How do you take advantage of it to improve your business? Mohamed Buhari has studied this problem has has just released Cashing With Graph Search 2 to show you want you can do with the... [...]

Social Cash Takedown: 1 cent clicks from Facebook #ad

A direct Facebook ad campaign may not have worked for you. Many people report the same thing. However, there are other ways to use Facebook in your marketing, ways that are more effective. Mike Buontempo has just released Social Cash Takedown to show how you can gain fans for your fan page, monetize with those fans, and keep your edge rank up. In this training, Buontempo explains how he uses Facebook in his CPA business. More than that, he gives you his exact campaign that has been the source of income for him (up to $.65 per click), and he shows you how you can sign up for, and be accepted by,... [...]

FB Influence: Facebook marketing for the rest of us Closing today #ad

Amy Porterfield reveals her winning methods for marketing on Facebook.  [...]

Going Viral on Facebook: A proven free traffic strategy #ad

Yoel Cohen has created a set of “over the shoulder” videos of himself as he works with his Facebook account to bring him viral traffic. His approach, he says, works in any niche to get your fans and their friends to Like, to Comment and to Share your Facebook posts. This is no small matter. Many people struggle to build a following on Facebook. In these videos and the accompanying written information, Yoel shows you how to do it quickly and The nice thing is that you can build this viral traffic stream almost on autopilot, let the viral process take care of your growth. Cohen says... [...]