Here’s some new software that may be useful to you for promoting your own business. It is also useful in selling marketing services to small brick and mortar businesses.

Why? Every business you can imagine wants (and need) to be on social media. They have a problem, though. Most local small business owners have no idea how to take advantage of the benefits of sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. They know that regular posting on social media helps them grow an audience for their products and services. Posting can generate good will as well as do actual selling. Unfortunately for them, they don’t know how to do it, and, even more important, don’t have the time to do any posting. So they need help.

Today, new software called Postistic gives you the ability to post for your own business, and to selling social media posting services to businesses in any local niche you choose.

Postistic allows you to post (and to schedule posts for the future) on 8 different platforms, including WhatsApp. That gives you an important advantage because WhatsApp is rarely used for marketing. The posts you do there will get more traction since there’s so little competition.

For your own company and for your clients, you now can have a tool that will give you an advantage over most other marketers and businesses.

This can be a business opportunity that you could use to build up a faithful clientele of businesses using your services to keep their customers engaged.

And with Postistic, the whole process is simple. That’s because it has ready to go templates you can use. In addition, you can upload your own graphics and video clips and create your posts from content you or your clients create.

Traffic is not hard to get if you have a way to get your product or service in front of people.

Here’s the special benefit of Postistic. posting individually on social network used to be a tedious and time consuming affair, but now you can post to 8 social media sites at thw same time, spreading your message or your client’s message to a large number of followers and prospects.

There have been other apps that promise similar power, but Postistic is not just another social media bulk post tool.

It is the first app of its kind that taps into WhatsApp (and 7 other platforms)

It also posts to:
► Facebook
► Pinterest
► LinkedIn
► Twitter
► Blogger
► Tumblr
► Email

Using its built-in templates you can post immediately or schedule the post for a future time.

With Postistic, you can simplify your social media marketing, reach more people, and take less time in the process.

By the way, our readers get important bonuses when they invest in this new tool. See our bonuses here: Postistic bonuses for IM NewsWatch readers

Check out this new software here while the introductory sale price is in effect:: Postistic.

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