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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Pixel Scout: “Done For You” Local Marketing System #ad

Many local businesses aren’t taking advantage of the power of Facebook for reaching nearly everyone they want to sell to. That power has many nuances, from ► individual posts that mention the company, to ► purchased ads, to ► groups tailored for people who like a company’s products, to ► tracking pixels that show your ads repeatedly. This last feature is particularly powerful. It lets a company get its ad in front of potential customers over and over again. That’s where new software can help a marketing consultant. Pixel Scout was just released, and it’s being received... [...]

Audience Drill: More sales from your Facebook ads #ad

When done right, Facebook advertizing can be quite profitable. But it requires you to promote a good offer and to target the right audience. Unfortunately,many people find that (1) it’s hard to figure out what is going to sell and (2) what the best audience for it is. That’s why Sam Bakker and his partner, Brad Stephens have spent the last few months finding a way to solve these two problems. Their answer is Audience Drill, which lets you not only search for what your competition is posting on Facebook. In addition, it shows you the right audience to target for your offers. Audience... [...]

Facebook Marketing: Free Quick Start Blueprint #ad

Bertus Engelbrecht has created a free e-book on how to get started marketing on Facebook. It’s 15 pages; 12 of training, followed by a 3 page commercial. He hopes you will read the commercial, too, of course, and buy his new product, Auto Facebook Marketer, but the training stands on its own without his product. Get the free book (no opt-in is needed). If you would like software to automate your Facebook marketing, he makes it available, but it is optional. Get this e-book with no charge and no obligation here: Facebook Marketing: Free Quick Start Blueprint  [...]

Social Wire: Software captures leads and promotes products on Facebook #ad

Ismael Lenis just announced new Windows software that delves deeply into Facebook to mine its groups for leads in your niche. When it finds a good lead, it saves the pertinent details (names, email address and Facebook ID) in an Excel spreadsheet for your easy access, analysis and use. In just minutes you can have a list of hot prospects for your product offer, people who are interested in your subject. Lenis gives a demo of the software at work on his sales page. At the moment, it’s only $5, but he says it’s going up to $34 soon. You can get the whole story here: Social Wire  [...]