Erica Stone made her name showing how marketer could use Squidoo to drive traffic that leads to sales. She created several training products on this topic.

The majority of the techniques in her training are applicable to many other marketing venues. For example:
■ How to find buyer-oriented keywords
■ How create your marketing message
■ How to analyse competition for a keyword
■ How to create content for your posts that present your message

All of this is valid wherever you share your messages, whether for your own products or for affiliate products. That’s good because Stone reports that Squidoo is not as friendly to marketers as it once was. You can still use it, but the results aren’t as good as in the past.

However, these strategies are sound; they still work. They have multiple applications if you weed out the “do this on Squidoo” part of the instructions and instead focus on the keyword strategies, the information on analyzing competition, how to structure the content for maximum results, etc.

So, to let you profit from her 4 training programs, wherever you want, she is reducing the price. You can get all 4 training programs for $7.50 (although the price is rising.) Use them on your own website, on web 2.0 properties, in forums’ etc. Even, according to some users, on Squidoo, if done with care.

These popular training programs once sold for much more. But you get a bargain here: Training by Erica Stone, 4 for price of 1

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