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Sunday, November 29, 2020

How to improve your marketing with research?

Research plays an important role in your marketing strategy. It helps you in decision-making processes by supplying relevant, up-to-date and accurate data. Those who run their marketing campaigns in successful manner do study and research. Content Marketing Institute contributor Michele Linn has shared seven things that marketers do with research and improve their performance. Linn says, “I recently dug into this topic for a study my firm conducted with our friends at BuzzSumo. We surveyed nearly 650 marketers. While the majority consider original research to be effective, some marketers... [...]

Training by Erica Stone, 4 for price of 1 #ad

Erica Stone made her name showing how marketer could use Squidoo to drive traffic that leads to sales. She created several training products on this topic. The majority of the techniques in her training are applicable to many other marketing venues. For example: ■ How to find buyer-oriented keywords ■ How create your marketing message ■ How to analyse competition for a keyword ■ How to create content for your posts that present your message All of this is valid wherever you share your messages, whether for your own products or for affiliate products. That’s good because Stone... [...]