Leiif Aurumson has done a great favor to marketers who use Squidoo. This Squidoo Templates Package makes beautiful and functional Squidoo pages, particularly for Amazon affiliates.

Squidoo gives your marketing a boost since Google looks at Squidoo as a high authority site. Promoting Amazon products in a Squidoo page (Squidoo calls one of these pages a “lens”) can build your Amazon affiliate income. These templates are built to showcase pictures of Amazon products with custom frames of various sizes.

These template can be used with SquidCrafter (software that makes building lenses easier), or stand alone by simply taking the code for any template and adding it to a Squidoo lens or WP website, then filling in the required information.

The author is well-acquainted with Squidoo processes, and has developed other popular lens templates in the past. This new set makes it easy to create a professional looking lens that shows off product images. These templates are full of helpful features for the non-technical lens builder:
• The templates come in a wide variety of colors and styles
• Borders can be rounded or square
• All the templates are responsive to Squidoo’s new layout
• They can be used in WordPress themes and even collaborate correctly in responsive themes.
• They can also be used in other Web 2.0 HTML sites, too.
• Buttons can either be built-in or hosted

These new templates are available in two versions, a basic version with all the benefits listed. And a “plus pack” with even more styles and colors. Both are reasonably priced; even the large mega-pack is under $20.

Over 100 of these have been sold. Get the whole story here: Squidoo Templates Package

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