It’s no secret that Google sees as an authority site. Content you place on Squidoo has a “head start” in the race to the top of the search results. As a result, a good Squidoo lens can get you a lot of traffic and, ultimately, sales.

And Squidoo has done a lot of work to provide this free platform and bears the expense of hosting. It is absolutely free for marketers to use.

The hardest part of building a profitable lens is choosing a topic for your lens that will make money. That’s what SquidMagic Software will do.

The issue how many people are coming to Squidoo in search of information on the topic you choose. If it’s a hot topic, there’s money to be made. If no one is searching, money will be hard to find. But SquidMagic Software solves that. Tell it your topic, and it will respond with a list of the lenses already build on that topic and how many visitors each one received in the last week.

For each lens, SquidMagic Software also gives you the keyword being targeted and sells you whether the lens made it onto Google’s page 1 for that keyword. This way, you will know what your competition is and how strong each one is.

You can check out any number of niches with this Windows software. And you have 2 options for paying: either $22 or $16.99 + 1 Tweet (but this is rising on a dimesale).

Either way, if you are going to use Squidoo in your business, this software can help you be smart about it.

Get your copy here: SquidMagic Software

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