Squidoo is one of the most popular sites on the web. Savvy marketers have learned to piggy-back on that market penetration to build what Squidoo calls “lenses” to market all kinds of goods and services. A while back, the Squidcrafter tools was released to make building lenses so much easier than the native Squidoo process. Now there’s a custom version called SquidCrafter for Amazon that builds Amazon affiliate lenses.

It’s not easy to build an Amazon lens since Squidoo and Amazon follow incompatible standards, and there’s a lot of work to get them to play nice with each other. But SquidCrafter for Amazon gets around this incompatibility and let’s you quickly and easily build an affiliate lens that will talk to both Amazon and Squidoo in the language each understands.

SquidCrafter for Amazon runs on a Windows PC. It comes with a GUI (graphical user interface) screen that reduces your learning curve.

It watches over your page building so you don’t add a product trwice, for example. You can change the order of the products in your lens and regenerate the code without having to cut, copy and paste manually.

Built-in templates from Squid Pro Quo (an Intro Module Template, Small Image Template, and Large Image Template) provide everything you need to build a module of content is in one place. Easily make your own custom ‘boiler plate’ templates for your affiliate disclamer and other content that you want to use on all your sites or lenses.

This tool can help you get your lenses created in record time. Check it out here: SquidCrafter for Amazon


And there’s more good news for Squidcrafters. Richard Cornelius liked Squidcrafter so much that he has created a mega-package of professional templates for it so you can add variety and sophistication to your lenses.

With these templates you get a variety of layouts and the ability to choose the color you wat to use to highlight your lens. This means you can increase conversions and let your Amazon products really stand out with coordinating borders, shadows and customized buy button text.

These templates are all optimized for all the recent Squidoo changes to make lenses responsive to all of the different size screens that people are now using with all of the different smart phones, tablets and computer monitors.

And, by the way, if you want to use them in lenses you build manually, that works, too. Or even use them elsewhere, such as WordPress sites.

Take advantage of the free webspace Squidoo offers, and use these templates to dress up your space. Get them here: SquidCrafter Templates

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