Kelly Stone was one of the original Squidoo users and has over six years experience using it to make sales.

Kelly has helped thousands of people learn to use it for profit. Now she has placed all her wisdom in Squidoo Evolution.

She shows you how to sell Amazon products, as an affiliate, using your free Squidoo lens. Squidoo has major advantages over a website or blog because Squidoo is one of the highest-ranked sites in the world, only 181 sites are ranked higher. It gets more traffic than almost any site you can think of, way more than you could get on your own site.

This means that with a Squidoo lens, there’s no more worrying about SEO, building sites or trying to get traffic. Traffic is there for the taking.

In Squidoo Evolution, Kelly shows you how to simply use the traffic power of Squidoo and the market power of Amazon together to build a successful Amazon affiliate business.

Kelly shows you how to find the products that sell and then which keywords convert the best. In fact, if you follow her plan, you are only targeting buying traffic anyway.

She also shares the free tool she uses to help her market via Squidoo. (She also uses YouTube, and explains how to combine it with Squidoo.)

Kelly says she sometimes has $100 days with her lenses, and you can imitate her success. Squidoo Evolution gives you all the tools you need to success on Squidoo; all but one, that is. You have to add a bit of effort; not hard work, but effort, in order to get started with your own Squidoo empire.

You can learn more and get your own copy here: Squidoo Evolution

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