In the marketing community, Squidoo doesn’t get much attention these days. All the buzz is about Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and to some extent, Twitter. But Squidoo is a marketer’s stealth tool.

Google loves Squidoo. When you build a “lens” (their name for a mini-site) there, it’s going to start off with an advantage over most other sites you can build. And your lenses can earn you residual income without additional attention after your initial setup. And you can set up as many lenses as you like, all at no cost to you.

Squidoo Cash Tsunami is an in-depth course that lays out in detail how to earn income from Squidoo. This formula can be applied to a new lens in a day or less, and can be implemented by anyone with a computer. No special tools, expertise or additional training. Everything you need is in this course.

You don’t need a domain name or personal website to earn a living on Squidoo; you’ll have almost no expense (well, you’ll have an electric bill for your home computer) when you build your business on Squidoo. And beginners are welcome.

The price is quite reasonable for a course that can save you all the expenses other marketing methods have and can make you passive money year after year.

Get the whole story on Squidoo marketing here: Squidoo Cash Tsunami

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