Many people turn to Pinterest to get ideas for what they should buy. New dress, new car, new house; it doesn’t matter; people have come to expect that someone on Pinterest will have a picture of something that’s just right for them.

As a result, merchants of all types have started placing product pictures on Pinterest, to attract views leading to clicks leading to sales.

Now it’s your turn. You can use the power of Pinterest to build your online business. TeknikForce, headed by Cyril Gupta, has just announced Pinflux 2, an enhanced version of their software announced two years ago, that automates your Pinterest marketing.

Here’s a video they created to introduce this new software:

Now you can schedule pins and posts across multiple boards.

You can search and automatically find powerful content from popular Pinterest accounts.

Pinflux 2 finds pins in any niche you select and repins them to your own Pinterest boards.

You can automate everything without having to get your app approved, so it’s really easy for users to get started.

It can even automate following and unfollowing other Pinterest users.

And there’s an inexpensive upgrade that will do even more.

With the help of TeknikForce, we have arranged bonuses for our readers that will assist in building your Pinterest-enabled business. You can see all the details of this new software and of our bonuses here: Pinflux 2.

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