According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in US about 50% of small businesses fail in the first four years.

Establishing and growing a business is a tough task. You need to have a vision and passion to face the hurdles on the way to your entrepreneurship journey. To help business owners get their businesses rooted well, Entrepreneur guest contributor R L Adams has shared ten strategies.

Favoring the use of social media for growing a business, Adams says, “You can’t ignore social media. That’s where all the so-called magic is happening. Some businesses have been built solely on the backs of social media. It can be intimidating at first. Sure. But as you build momentum, you’ll find posting on social media to get easier and easier over time.

Of course, you could also hire a social media manager if you have money to burn. But if you don’t, just be yourself. Be authentic. Post your thoughts. Post your products. Post anything that you find relevant and useful that would help your audience either learn more about you and your business, or about the industry that you’re in.

Use direct messages on platforms like Instagram and even Snapchat or Twitter to reach out to other successful businesses or even to communicate with potential customers who might be looking for your products and services. This is very powerful marketing”.

10 Marketing Strategies to Fuel Your Business Growth


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