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Sunday, July 12, 2020

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Vertical Leap Shares 13 Steps to Building an International SEO Presence

An effective SEO strategy enables you to grow your online business by receiving more web traffic. By creating an international SEO plan, you can enhance your presence in multiple countries.Vertical Leap contributor Dave Colgate has shared 13 useful steps to building an international SEO presence.Colgate says, “International SEO is far more... [Read more]

13-Step Guide to Grow Your Domain Authority

Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain name. It is one of search engine ranking factors. Domain authority matters a lot when it comes to achieving higher SEO rankings.Jeff Bullas has shared a 13-step process to help you grow your domain authority. Domain authority refers to a score that indicates the authority of your... [Read more]

Five Steps to Optimize for Voice Search

As people increasingly use mobile devices to search the web, they are using their voices to search more often. Thus, by optimizing for voice search, you can enhance your chances of getting more website traffic from multiple devices.Go Fish Digital contributor Pierce Brelinsky has shared five steps to optimize for voice search.Brelinsky says, “Currently,... [Read more]

URL Structure: 13 Questions Answered

A secure and accessible website, a quick page load speed, the website’s mobile friendliness, the descriptiveness of the URL and keyword-optimized content are the elements that help you to form an effective SEO strategy.Your website is an online resource. As with all online resources, it has a URL (that is, a Uniform Resource Locator). With an... [Read more]

How to Use Instagram as a Sales Funnel Without Ads [Podcast]

With right Instagram images and videos, you can create a strong marketing message and boost your sales.Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner  has published a new podcast episode ‘How to Use Instagram as a Sales Funnel Without Ads’ featuring Elise Darma.Stelzner says, “Wondering how to use Instagram for sales? Looking for... [Read more]

How Google creates human-first mobile experiences [Video]

The Think with Google team has published a new video titled ‘How Google creates human-first mobile experiences’ to share how the company treats data.The TWG team says, “In this episode of our video series The Update, Natalie Zmuda, global executive editor of Think with Google, talks to Marvin Chow, VP of consumer apps marketing at... [Read more]

Increase Your Conversions Using Colour [Podcast]

Colours influence your marketing campaign results. Different colours can impact the way customers perceive your products and do so in ways that aren’t always apparent.Exposure Ninja has published  a new podcast episode ‘Increase Your Conversions Using Colour’ to help you improve your conversion rates.Tim Cameron says, “I hope... [Read more]

Four Tips to Build More Links

Quality links to your site are a great asset for your online business. By securing links from high ranking websites, you can get more search engine traffic.Search Engine Land contributor George Nguyen has shared four ways to build more links.Nguyen says, “Creating high-quality content can strengthen your business’ branding and facilitate conversions,... [Read more]

Low Cost Marketing Strategies for you and your followers #ad

Today, Content Sparks, the training development company operated by Sharyn Sheldon, releases its newest PLR training package, Low Cost Marketing Strategies.In these days when nearly all companies are needing to cut expenses due to a pandemic-related drop in sales, they need a menu of low-cost marketing techniques that will bring in sales without spending... [Read more]

Rand Fishkin Shares Three Google Ranking Secrets

By achieving higher ranking in Google search, you can grow your chances to boost your business success. Rand Fishkin has shared three secrets to achieving higher ranking in Google search.Fishkin says, “Years ago, one might reasonably separate the elements of Google’s results into distinct entities: Google News, Books, Videos, Images, Local…... [Read more]

Our Top 10 Marketing Lessons For 2020 [Video]

Neil Patel and Eric Siu have published a new video ‘Our Top 10 Marketing Lessons For 2020’.Neil Patel and Eric Siu decided to help get your business ready for the changes in 2020 by going live with the next series of Marketing School podcast episodes. Join us in today’s recording session.He says, “We’ll discuss topics like the... [Read more]

How to Increase Domain Rating (Website Authority) [Video]

The domain authority of a website describes its relevance for a specific subject area or industry. Search engines assess domain authority through automated analytic algorithms. If your domain matches with the subject, your prospects for ranking become high.Ahrefs has published a new video ‘How to Increase Domain Rating (Website Authority)’... [Read more]