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Sunday, September 15, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

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DFY Lead Pages: Build email lists in 20 niches; final launch day #ad

Ever wondered how all the top marketers and affiliates make a lot of commissions? They have built an email list. They send promotional emails to their list and get paid commissions on sales or they sell their own products. Ankur Shukla is running a 3-day launch campaign for DFY LEAD PAGES – Fully Hosted Cloud Software that provides lead ages... [Read more]

‘What makes a great social media manager?’ webinar September 26 [webinar]

With rising platforms and increasing number of users the social platforms are becoming more and more lucrative for the brands. You need right social media marketing management skills to take your marketing to the next level. Falcon team is hosting a webinar on ‘What makes a great social media manager?’ on Thursday, September 26, 2019 at 10.00... [Read more]

Boost your business with these marketing automation tools

Marketing automation is the key to achieving business growth as it helps you to reach out more prospects and convert them into customers. To automate your marketing process you need right tools that are reliable. Monster Insights contributor Aazim Akhtar has shared a list of eleven marketing automation tools that will help you to strengthen your... [Read more]

How to choose right social media management app

A good social media management app lets you manage your business’ online presence and promote it for better growth. To find out the best app you need to consider different aspect in terms of your requirements. Jeff Bullas has shared an article highlighting five considerations to choose the right app for your brand. Bullas says, “To... [Read more]

Your guide to finding the best website builder

A well-designed and attractive website helps you to get more visitors who can be converted to customers. Today we have several platforms which can be used to create good websites. Quick Sprout’s Lars Lofgren has published an article titled ‘The Best Website Builder’ to help you identify the feature-rich site builder for creating... [Read more]

Increase engagement with these social media content ideas

To achieve success in your social media marketing strategy it is important to create compelling content. Attractive and meaningful content helps you to engage your target audience. Orbit Media contributor Barry Feldman has shared 12 social media content ideas which can help you to improve user engagement. Feldman says, “Let’s dig in now... [Read more]

How to prioritize your digital marketing tasks and maximize productivity [video]

Any kind of work requires punctuality and commitment. In the digital marketing domain too it is important to plan and progress. Without proper planning and setting priorities you may achieve disastrous results. Ahrefs’ Joshua Hardwick has posted a YouTube video highlighting 6 crucial steps to prioritize your digital marketing efforts... [Read more]

The impact of Google ratings on your conversions

All businesses aim at securing topmost positions in the Google Search results. But have we analyzed how these ratings help us in converting more customers! To help you understand the connection, Search Engine Watch contributor Jason Tabeling has shared the results from a study. Tabeling says, “In fact, during quarterly earnings call... [Read more]

10 Easy steps to create an email newsletter

Email newsletters help you to generate more leads and improve your conversion rate. Besides this with newsletters you can establish yourself as an authority in your domain. HubSpot contributor Ginny Mineo has shared a 10-step guide to help you create an effective email newsletter. Mineo says, “For most marketers, this will sound familiar.... [Read more]

Four ways to improve customer experience with AI

A Constant Contact study reports that when you do not offer personalized content on a website, 70% of customers feel frustrated. It also suggests that personalized emails receive 29% higher email open rates and 41% higher click-through rates than ordinary emails. By delivering satisfying customer experience you can retain your present customers... [Read more]

Download DFY Lead Pages to Build Your Email List #ad

Through Friday only, there’s a new online sales aid that has just been launched, available at a low launch price. Ankur Shukla has just released a new package of marketing aids, DFY Lead Pages. In it you get Lead Pages, Lead Magnets and Follow Up emails that he says you can use to build your email lists and earn affiliate commissions on complete... [Read more]

How to use Google Analytics tutorial – Part 1 [video]

Exposure Ninja’s Tim Cameron has published a new video in the Google Analytics series. This video helps you to understand key metrics of Analytics platform. Cameron says, “Learn how to use Google Analytics and the key metrics you need to understand about your website’s visitors”. Watch the video on following page. Google... [Read more]