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Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Ideas to Boost Content Creation

Quality content creation is one of the most important aspects of your marketing journey. It helps you widen your horizons and reach more people. Content Marketing Institute contributor Irina Weber has published an article highlighting 10 useful ways to spark your content creation efforts. She says, “Great ideas are based on logic, data, and emotions.... [Read more]

How to Create Better Content [Video]

Your content speaks for you and your brand. It helps you persuade your audience to take an action. Your content is the heart of your site. Without good content, you don’t have a good site. So all us webmasters and site owners need to be continually improving our content. Ahrefs has published a video “How to Create Content that’s “Better”... [Read more]

Complete Guide to On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing web page content for search engines and users. Search Engine Journal has published a new guide called ‘Complete Guide to On-Page SEO’ to help you better understand on-page SEO. The SEJ team says, “Our Complete Guide to On-Page SEO breaks down 11 elements to help you plan and conduct your on-page... [Read more]

The Best Black Friday Sale Ever by Omar Martin is live #ad

Today is Black Friday in the US. Many merchants are offering special deals. For online marketers, Omar Martin is offering this The Best Black Friday Sale Ever today through Monday. This is a sale that he and his wife been running for over a decade, even before cyber Monday was a thing. They open this offer every year for 4 days only from Black Friday... [Read more]

Six Steps to Building Influencer Marketing Campaigns [On-Demand Webinar]

Influencer marketing has emerged as one of the more effective marketing channels in today’s ever-expanding media landscape. But knowing where to begin incorporating influencers for your business can be intimidating. Entrepreneur magazine has made available an on-demand webinar ‘Six Steps to Building Influencer Marketing Campaigns’. The... [Read more]

19 Examples of Best Personal Websites

Personal websites help you project various elements. You can create a resume site, portfolio site, personal blog, and much more. HubSpot contributor Sophia Bernazzani has published an article highlighting 19 examples of great personal websites. She says, “Did you know 80% of businesses say a personal website is important when evaluating job... [Read more]

10 YouTube Optimization Tips

When it comes to video content publishing, YouTube is the place. It helps you reach one of the widest video communities on the web. Jeff Bullas has shared the top 10 Youtube optimization tips for beginners. He says, “With a rise in the kind of content being published, the race for getting better rankings is becoming increasingly cutthroat. What... [Read more]

How to Make Advertiser Friendly YouTube Videos

Today, you win more from your YouTube videos with the help of advertisements. By creating advertiser-friendly video content, you can generate more revenue. Search Engine Journal Matt Southern has shared four tips to help you make advertiser-friendly YouTube videos. He says, “YouTube answers questions about its advertiser-friendly guidelines and... [Read more]

Four Steps to Grow Your Personal Brand on YouTube

YouTube is a great platform for all kinds of businesses. It has created an opportunity for low-cost promotional tactics and income creation. Copyblogger contributor Tim Stoddart has shared four steps to grow your personal brand on YouTube. He says, “Building a YouTube presence has many benefits. Creating video content is one of the best ways to... [Read more]

Marketer’s Playbook For Delivering Performance And Privacy

Jonathan Meltzer, Director of Ads Marketing, Measurement and Platforms at Google has published ‘Marketer’s Playbook For Delivering Performance And Privacy. He says, “We’ve updated our privacy and performance playbook with the latest Google ads and measurement solutions to help you get ready for these privacy shifts and drive strong performance. We’ve... [Read more]

3 Ways to Turbocharge Your Team for Greater Marketing Agility in 2022 [Webinar Replay]

Agility in business is nothing new. Businesses have always needed to be agile—experimenting, adapting, and changing—to succeed. BigMarker has made available the replay of its webinar ‘3 Ways to Turbocharge Your Team for Greater Marketing Agility in 2022’. Watch this webinar replay to learn: The importance of centralizing work in one... [Read more]

The Ultimate Social Media Intelligence Kit: Case Studies For Every Industry [E-book]

Digital Marketing Depot has published a new e-book ‘The ultimate social media intelligence kit: case studies for every industry’. The DMD team says, “In this eBook, the YouScan’s team gathered Michelin, GSK, Auchan, and Wavemaker cases to show how different industries can benefit from social media data. Get a free copy of ‘The... [Read more]