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Saturday, March 28, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

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Improving SEO and PPC Campaigns with Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner tool enables you to discover new keywords to target in your campaigns and understand how searches across keywords have changed over time. In short, it helps you to find right keywords for your business. SEMrush contributor James Brockbank has shared a guide to using Google Keyword Planner for improving your SEO and PPC... [Read more]

How to Create Effective Marketing Campaigns

A successful marketing campaign enables you to convert more prospects into customers and make more sales. By creating effective campaigns for search and social you can achieve your sales targets. Seer Interactive’s Ashton Underwood & Emily Pollock have shared a four-step guide to create a holistic marketing strategy for your business. Underwood... [Read more]

Eight Tips to Keep Doing Business during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has come as a huge challenge to the world. In these tough times survival has become the priority. But along with survival you also need to continue your growth. SmartCompany’s Sue Barrett has shared eight tips to help you keep selling and doing business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Barrett says, “Remember... [Read more]

Three Ways to Communicate during Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has created a panic among everyone and our customers are no exception. So you need to stay cautious while communicating with them. SmartCompany’s Amanda Williams has shared a three-step guide to help you effectively communicate with people during the coronavirus crisis. Williams says, “Here... [Read more]

‘Four Ways to Align Sales and Marketing in 2020’ Webinar March 26 [Webinar]

Synchronization between your sales and marketing teams can help your business to achieve desired targets. According to the Aberdeen Group, 74% of best-in-class organizations have a strong relationship between sales and marketing. But achieving that alignment can be extremely difficult. MarketingProfs is hosting a webinar on ‘Four Ways... [Read more]

‘Deterministic Attribution for the Win: Why Classic Attribution Approaches Are Setting You Up to Fail’ Webinar March 26 [Webinar]

Marketing attribution is the analytical science that helps you to find out the marketing tactics that are contributing to sales or conversions. Business 2 Community team is hosting a webinar ‘Deterministic Attribution for the Win: Why Classic Attribution Approaches Are Setting You Up to Fail’ on Thursday, March 26 at 2.00 pm ET. B2C... [Read more]

‘How Marketing Will Lead Businesses in 2020 and Beyond’ Webinar March 26 [Webinar]

Digital tools and technologies have played an important role in transforming different business functions. And marketing is one of the elements that has changed a lot with the new technology. In the digital marketing era, marketers need assess how their function can best contribute to a digitally transformed organization and what skills they must... [Read more]

The State of Marketing Personalization in 2020 [Report]

According to a HubSpot report, 74% of online consumers get frustrated by websites with content that has nothing to do with their interests. You can get away from such feedback by personalizing your marketing messages according to your customer’s needs and interests. Merkle and Marketing Dive have published ‘The State of Marketing... [Read more]

‘Prepping Your Email Campaigns from End to End’ Webinar March 31 [Webinar]

Well-designed email marketing campaigns can help you to increase your sales. Your campaign can achieve success with the elements such email subject, campaign timings and the content. Email on Acid team is hosting a webinar ‘Prepping Your Email Campaigns from End to End’ on Tuesday, March 31. Email on Acid team says, “Spend an... [Read more]

Leveraging The Power of Podcasts: The World Needs Your Voice #ad

Steve Olsher is holding a live webinar today to introduce marketers to the sales power of podcasting: Profiting From Podcasts: Live Webinar. In case you haven’t heard of Olsher, he is the host of the top-rated podcasts: Reinvention Radio and Beyond 8 Figures. Today’s webinar is free and it’s live. He wants you to know how to take full... [Read more]

Mark Ritson on Marketing in the Time of Covid-19

The new COVID-19 pandemic has created a global threat. The businesses and marketers need to create long-term plans to survive in the present time and have a bright tomorrow. Marketing Week’s Mark Ritson has published an article ‘Marketing in the time of Covid-19’ to help you plan your marketing efforts. Ritson says, “In... [Read more]

Working Remote During COVID-19, Content Writing Tips & More [Podcast]

Search Engine Journal’s Danny Goodwin has published a new podcast episode ‘Working Remote During COVID-19, Content Writing Tips & More’ featuring Miranda Miller. Listen to the podcast and learn: How can people get involved with Get Remote Ready?  On managing stress – whether personal or client-related. What marketers... [Read more]