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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Combat Content Overload: Amplify Your Brand’s Voice in an Oversaturated Market, May 18 [Webinar]

With the massive amount of content available on the web today, consumers have a hard time knowing where to put their focus and creators struggle to engage and keep audience attention. Add to that the popularity of social media and surge of user generated content. Making your voice heard above the noise is more challenging than ever. Adweek is hosting... [Read more]

Brave Commerce: The Evolution of Shopping Habits [Podcast]

Adweek has published a new podcast episode ‘Brave Commerce: The Evolution of Shopping Habits’ featuring Marie-Jeanne Matei of Ferrero on maintaining market share and optimizing content. Sarah Hofstetter & Rachel Tipograph say, “Marie-Jeanne Matei, vice president of ecommerce at Ferrero, joins hosts Rachel Tipograph and Sarah Hofstetter... [Read more]

MarketingProfs’ B2B Forum, October 12-14 [Conference]

MarketingProfs is hosting ‘B2B Forum’, a B2B marketing conference on October 12-14. The conference will be held in person in Boston. It will feature 49 sessions and 4 keynotes. The MarketingProfs team says, “For more than 15 years B2B Forum has been the conference where today’s leading B2B marketers gather for insights, networking,... [Read more]

Demand Generation Summit, May 18

Content Marketing Institute is hosting the ‘Demand Generation Summit’ on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. The CMI team says, “In a digital-first marketing world, video content is the face of your brand. It’s the most powerful way to spark emotion, to explain complex ideas, and to pique the curiosity of your community and prospects. It... [Read more]

Forbes’ Marketing Awards Guidebook

Forbes has published the ‘Marketing Awards Guidebook’ highlighting why it matters, what to enter and how to win. Sonya Matejko says, “In a world chock full of ways to improve, from productivity methods to marketing guides, it’s a real advantage to have a way to celebrate a job well done. And in the world of marketing, celebrating... [Read more]

Five Email Marketing Tips & Examples For Success [Video]

Email is one of the most trusted tools used in marketing. It helps you move closer to your audience and present the most relevant offers. Watch this HubSpot video ‘Email Marketing For Beginners | 5 Tips & Examples For Success’ to discover some useful email marketing secrets. The HubSpot team says, “Email marketing is the most efficient... [Read more]

How To Get Massive ROI & More Sales [Video]

HubSpot has published a new video ‘How To Get Massive ROI & More Sales Using SMS Marketing’ to help you reap the benefits of SMS marketing. The HubSpot team says, “SMS marketing is one of the most efficient and effective ways to reach your target market. In this video, you’ll learn what SMS marketing is, SMS marketing best... [Read more]

Measuring Link Building [Video]

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website. Marketers and businesses can drive referral traffic and increase their site’s authority with quality link building. MOZ has published a new Whiteboard Friday video ‘Measuring Link Building’ featuring Tom Capper. The MOZ team says, “SEOs have... [Read more]

E-commerce: Top 5 Ways To Drive Revenue With A Clean Martech Stack, June 1 [Webinar]

Ecommerce sites perform slowly and poorly when their Martech stack isn’t optimized. It results in slow growth. Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar ‘Ecommerce: Top 5 Ways To Drive Revenue With A Clean Martech Stack’ on Wednesday, June 1, 2022, at 2.00 pm ET. The SEJ team says, “Let’s cut down the laundry list of apps in your... [Read more]

AppOwls creates professional mobile apps for iOS & Android #ad

Tomorrow, Abhi Dwivedi will release AppOwls, which lets you create an unlimited number of Mobile Apps for iOS and Android without coding or designing. And to kick everything off, Dwivedi is offering free training on how to do it. If you have a smartphone, you probably have multiple apps on it. (We have over 200 on ours, everything from Amazon to YouTube.) That’s... [Read more]

10 Steps to Generate GA4 Landing Page Report

Search Engine Land contributor Krista Seiden has published an article on generating a Google Analytics 4 landing page report in 10 easy steps. She says, “Want to make your own landing page report in Google Analytics 4, but not sure how? Then this article is for you. Read on to learn how you can make your own landing page report in GA4 in a few... [Read more]

Is Having a Digital Marketing Certification Really Important? [Answered]

Certificates from reputed schools add value to your knowledge. But when it comes to digital marketing, do you really need a certificate? Watch Neil Patel’s latest video ‘Is Having a Digital Marketing Certification Really Important?’ to get the answer. He says, “Is having a digital marketing certification really important? Should... [Read more]