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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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Your Guide to Google E-A-T & SEO

Search Engine Journal has published ‘Your Guide to Google E-A-T & SEO’ to help you understand Google E-A-T and SEO. The SEJ team says, “Your Guide to Google E-A-T & SEO will help answer questions like: What is E-A-T, and why does it matter? Is E-A-T a ranking factor? How do Google’s Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines influence... [Read more]

Improving Content Marketing Using SERP Features

To get maximum from your content marketing strategy, you need to continuously try to create high-quality content that matters to your audience. MOZ contributor Rhianna Hixon has published an article on using SERP features to inform your content strategy. She says, “Many marketers approach Search Engine Result Page (SERP) features from the wrong... [Read more]

Improving Sales Using Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms continue to rise and grow the businesses that are using these platforms optimally. With a strong social media marketing strategy, you can continue to make more sales. Entrepreneur magazine contributor Ademola Alex Adekunbi has shared five useful social media marketing tips to improve your sales. He says, “For businesses,... [Read more]

Three Tips for Writing Great a Linkedin Summary

Social media plays a very important role in the marketing and sales processes. Especially, networks like LinkedIn help you connect with professional contacts and promote your products and services. Mary Cullen of Instructional Solutions has published an article highlighting three useful strategies to write a great LinkedIn summary for better results. She... [Read more]

Five Instagram Live Best Practices

Social media platforms enable businesses to reach their target audiences. Instagram Live tool enables you to connect with brands and influencers in real-time. Search Engine Journal contributor Ashley Segura has published an article highlighting five Instagram best practices. She says, “Instagram Live offers the opportunity to strengthen audience... [Read more]

16 Tips to Secure Your WordPress Site

WordPress is one of the most preferred CMS when it comes to publishing and maintaining your sites online. But it needs to be safeguard from hackers. Search Engine Journal contributor Vahan Petrosyan has shared 16 useful security tips to secure your WP sites. He says, “Let’s dive into how to harden our WordPress installs in order to make life... [Read more]

The Ultimate SEO Contract Template [Free]

Ahrefs contributor Gary Coutard has published a free template called ‘The Ultimate SEO Contract Template’. This template includes 13 vital sections needed to protect yourself and set clear expectations with your clients. He says, “We surveyed over 40 SEO agencies and freelancers, analyzed their SEO contracts, and extracted the... [Read more]

7 Essential Skills Digital Content Writers Need [Video]

Content is the king but it still needs novelty to grab the attention of your target audience. In his new videoo’7 Essential Skills Digital Content Writers Need’, Neil Patel shares his insights on the kind of skills that can help you become a better content creator. He says, “What you need to do as a writer is, you need to have concise... [Read more]

What is Guestographics and How to Use It

A guestographic is a guest infographic. It means creating your infographic and publishing it on other’s blogs. MOZ contributor Nadya Khoja has published an article on improving SEO performance using guestographics. She says, “If you’re wondering how to improve website SEO using guestographics, here’s the six-step strategy we’ve perfected. 1.... [Read more]

Overnight Commissions: Jeremy Kennedy says it’s possible #ad

Jeremy Kennedy just released his new training, Overnight Commissions. In it, he shows you step-by-step, using over-the-shoulder videos, exactly how to set up the list-building affiliate funnel (that he has set up over and over again with his personal clients) to get overnight subscribers and sales. Nothing is left out and everything is an exact duplicate... [Read more]

How to Get More Views on YouTube

YouTube remains one of the top players when it comes to video publishing. With quality video content and the right keyword selection, you can make the most of your video. MOZ contributor Nicole Hallberg has shared some useful tips to help you get more views on YouTube. She says, “This post is a primer on how YouTube tags, catalogues, and recommends... [Read more]

How to Build Links in Difficult Niches [E-book]

Link-buildig is one of the most important SEO tactics that helps you get more website traffic. By getting quality links to your website, you can improve its reputation in Google Search. Receptional has published a new e-book titled ‘How to build links in difficult niches’. The Receptional team says, ” In highly competitive markets,... [Read more]