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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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VRStudio: Create, Sell Unique 360 Virtual Videos & Images #ad

VRStudio solves a major problem online sellers have. When people shop online, they have a natural hesitancy since they miss a lot of interaction with the product. If only they could pick it up and look at it from all sides, that could put their minds at ease. Uddhab Pramanik has released VRStudio, a 360 Degree Virtual Video & Product Spin Builder,... [Read more]

When and How to Use Plain Text Emails [Answered]

It is important to recognize the right type of email format as per the needs of your business. Plain text emails only include text. There are no images or graphics and no formatting. All the links are written out. AWeber contributor Pam Neely has published an article answering this important question –When and How to Use Plain Text Emails. She... [Read more]

Using KPI Dashboards in Marketing

A KPI dashboard is a document that visually depicts the performance of a business. This visualization shows you, at a glance, how your department or organization is performing against key performance indicators (KPIs). HubSpot contributor Rob Ristango has published an in-depth article on KPI Dashboards and how to use them in marketing. KPI Dashboards... [Read more]

Seven Step Guide to Keywords

Keywords are words or phrases that users type into search engines to find relevant content for their queries. They are the most important elements when it comes to search engine marketing. HubSpot contributor Feta Dennis has published a seven-step guide to search engine keywords. She says, “The words you type into search engines play a role in... [Read more]

4 Ways to Maximize Your Marketing Efficiency [Webinar Replay]

Content Marketing Institute has made the ‘4 Ways to Maximize Your Marketing Efficiency’ webinar available on-demand. The CMI team says, “Join Lauren Sisneros, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Adobe, as she demonstrates how to make sure your marketing work is strategically aligned so that you can transform how work gets accomplished. You’ll... [Read more]

AWeber Highlights Best Practices for Double Opt-in

Double opt-in is a method of subscribing to an email newsletter where subscribers have to confirm two times (hence the “double” opt-in) that they want to receive emails from you. AWeber contributor Alyse Falk has published an article highlighting best practices for double opt-in. She says, “Double opt-in requires customers to confirm their... [Read more]

Outrank in Organic Search with These 5 Core Tactics, May 17 [Webinar]

SEO can drive significant site traffic and revenue as well as build brand equity. But not all SEO tactics are created equal. In fact, many SEO teams spend time working on issues that rarely move the needle. Digital Marketing Depot is hosting a webinar ‘Top 5 Tips for Driving Lead Gen via Email Marketing’ on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, at 2.00... [Read more]

Site Migration Best Practices to Protect Your Traffic & Search Rankings [Video]

Site migrations often result in drops in traffic (and subsequent drops in revenue) that can last for several months or more. Getting ahead of any migration-related issues is key to avoiding any losses. In this webinar, we’ll discuss exactly how to prepare for a site migration to help ensure success. Watch Ben Beckwith, Director of Organic Marketing... [Read more]

Ultimate How-to Guide on Google Ads A/B Testing [Guide]

Hero blog contributor Kate Priestman has published ‘The Ultimate How-to Guide on Google Ads A/B Testing’ to help marketers improve Google advertising revenue. She says, “Different kinds of marketing require different parameters for testing. If you’re testing keywords on a landing page, your tests will be very different from mobile... [Read more]

11 Ways to Revive Website Rankings and Traffic

SEO is the backbone of any web-based business. It helps businesses reach out to the most relevant audience online. Content Marketing Institute contributor Muke Murray has published an article sharing eleven useful SEO tips to revive website rankings and traffic. He says, “All these tips should fall within any SEO framework. 1. Don’t spend too... [Read more]

Resale Rights: Affiliate Reseller Bundle (2 apps, training, link magnet) #ad

Francis Ochocoi has just released Affiliate Reseller Bundle, a package of two marketing applications for affiliate marketers. More people than ever are looking to make money online. You can sell them this software that will make their job easier. You probably are aware that one of the most popular online methods for earning a living is affiliate marketing.... [Read more]

Practical Ecommerce Highlights 15 Tools for Link Building

Link building is one of the most important elements of search engine optimization. It helps you improve your site’s credibility. Practical Ecommerce contributor Sig Ueland has shared 15 tools for link building. He says, “Here is a list of tools for link building. Link Building Tools Ahrefs is an advanced link-building platform popular among... [Read more]