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Friday, April 12, 2024

Guide to Creating Black Friday SEO Strategy

As the holiday season comes closer, it is time to prepare our strategy to reach more buyers this year and create more sales. The Conductor team has published a guide to creating the Black Friday SEO strategy. Claudia Higgins says, “Google serves more than 5 million searches per month that are related to Black Friday. And we know this estimate from Google is averaged out across a full year. If we conservatively estimate that 85% of “Black Friday” related searches happen in November, that means of the 60 million annual searches, roughly 51 million searches take place in November, and most... [...]

1-Click Social for WordPress; repair your broken Facebook/Instagram links #ad

On Oct 24th, 2020, Facebook decided to do a major change in its API (Application Programming Interface) that resulted in breaking more than 20 million websites. If your site embeds content from Facebook or Instagram, you were affected. This change has been in the news throughout October. Nevertheless, many website owners have not been aware of the problem. Even worse, they haven’t had a way to get around it, even if they did know about it. If you are a programmer, you can work with the new Facebook API to build a new application for each of your sites. If you don’t know how to that,... [...]

How To Go From Zero to 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘How To Go From Zero to 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube’ to help you increase your YouTube subscribers. He says, “I’m really excited today because I’m going to teach you how to go from zero to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. This is a two-week course, eight videos in total, actually six videos in total, sorry about that, and I’m going to end up breaking down everything you need to know about YouTube to start generating more traffic. The videos aren’t too long. You’ll get quite a bit of value from. All you have to... [...]

Six Ways to Create Sales Enablement Content

Sales enablement content refers to the content that you can use throughout the selling process. It boosts your sales efforts. IMPACT’s Editorial Director Liz Moorehead has shared six tips to help you create sales enablement content. Moorehead says, “If you’re a marketer who is struggling to create content your sales team will find valuable, this post is for you. While I know every organization is different, the tactics below should be universal. 1. Form a revenue team at your company That’s right, your first step has nothing to do with creating content, looking at content,... [...]

Fliik’s comparison videos sell products without ‘selling’ #ad

FLIIK (sometimes, they spell it in all lower-case [fliik]) is a cloud-based ‘self-contained’ income system which automates a proven formula enabling anyone to generate income from other people’s products through comparison of options. Users can expect to generate real results within the first 7 days of use (on average) with the potential of ongoing results when users continue to use the software. One of the things about affiliate marketing that some affiliates dislike is “pushing” for a sale. We don’t like it, ourselves; our ads are intended to be hype-free, laying out... [...]

How Long Does PPC Take To Work? [Video]

Exposure Ninja’s Time Cameron has published a new video ‘How Long Does PPC Take To Work?’ to help you find out how PPC works. He says, “In this video, I talk with a trio of our best PPC specialists to answer that question and many, many more including: How Long Does PPC Take? How Long Does PPC Take To Be Profitable? What Is a Good CPA? How Can You Optimise an Underperforming PPC Campaign? What Types of PPC Optimisation Should Be Used? How Long To Leave a PPC Campaign Before Making Any Changes?”. Watch the video here. Exposure Ninja  [...]

Four Strategies to Improve Your Instagram Performance

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook and Instagram are the platforms you need consider first. With their constantly rising user base, these two social media giants can help you to turn your business into a success story. Jeff Bullas has shared four useful ways to help you improve your Instagram marketing using data analysis. He says, “If you’re going through this hard time, or you’d just like to revise your Instagram strategy, I’ve gathered some tips on what can be done to take your Instagram performance to the next level. To do that we’ll need a reliable set of data.... [...]

SEMrush Shares 10 Ways to Improve SEO in 2021

SEO continues to be one of the most important processes to get more and more website visitors. A strong SEO strategy can help you to enhance your global online presence. SEMrush contributor Amanda Milligan has shared 10 ways to help you improve your SEO in 2021. She says, “In today’s data-driven world, organizations need a way to analyze and interpret their SEO efforts to stay ahead. To achieve this, 73% of marketers use SEO tools to refine their content and enhance content ratings on Google. By making small modifications to your website content, you can improve the likelihood of receiving... [...]

SEO and Long-Tail Keywords

A long-tail keyword is a keyword that has a main keyword in it with several variations added with other words. Portent’s Katie Spencer has published a comprehensive article on why long-tail keywords are very useful for better SEO performance. She says, “Long-tail keywords matter because they convert better. After all, the people searching for them know just what they want. And by targeting those keywords with your content, you can give them what they are looking for. As a result, all those long-tail phrases generate more revenue. Long-tail keywords can also help you create new content... [...]

How to write a video script for marketing [Podcast]

IMPACT’s Liz Moorhead has published a new episode of the Content Lab podcast ‘How to write a video script for marketing’ to help you prepare a strong script for your marketing video content.  She says, “In this episode, I pull back the curtain on my surprisingly easy process for creating video scripts, and integrating the creation of video for sales and marketing into an existing content strategy. In addition, this week’s learning corner is all about my favorite trick for guaranteeing your content always gets in front of the right people at the right time, but why... [...]

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