As the holiday season comes closer, it is time to prepare our strategy to reach more buyers this year and create more sales.

The Conductor team has published a guide to creating the Black Friday SEO strategy.

Claudia Higgins says, “Google serves more than 5 million searches per month that are related to Black Friday. And we know this estimate from Google is averaged out across a full year. If we conservatively estimate that 85% of “Black Friday” related searches happen in November, that means of the 60 million annual searches, roughly 51 million searches take place in November, and most of those will be in the space of a few days.

On top of that, based on a Google commissioned Ipsos study, less than 2 in 10 shoppers have decided on the brand or retailer for the items they are thinking about or actively researching as of Black Friday. What’s more, 33% of purchases that have not yet been made by Black Friday are because the shopper is waiting for a sale. All this, however, was before the pandemic took place. This year, the pandemic is likely to increase the proportion of shoppers who shop online, shifting the balance even further from brick and mortar shops. In the US for example, more than a third of US shoppers who normally shop in stores for Black Friday say they won’t this year”.

Black Friday SEO 2020: Building a Strategy Using Data

Conductor Blog

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