When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook and Instagram are the platforms you need consider first. With their constantly rising user base, these two social media giants can help you to turn your business into a success story.

Jeff Bullas has shared four useful ways to help you improve your Instagram marketing using data analysis.

He says, “If you’re going through this hard time, or you’d just like to revise your Instagram strategy, I’ve gathered some tips on what can be done to take your Instagram performance to the next level.

To do that we’ll need a reliable set of data. And which data could be more reliable than your own?

#1. Understand who your followers are

The first, and most important, element of your Instagram presence, are people. Your followers are people for whom you’re preparing your content, and if you’re lucky enough, also monetizing your efforts. If you don’t have an engaged audience, your content, even the best you’ve got, doesn’t count for much.

That’s why in the first place you should know who your followers are, what are they interested in, what their preferences are when it comes to using Instagram, and consuming content on the platform”.

4 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Performance With Effective Data Analysis

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